New 'Glass' Trailer Released

Andrew Roberts
20 Dec 2018

The latest trailer for Glass -- the international release -- doesn't skimp on the horror aspects of its prior films. The surprise that connected Unbreakable and Split at the end of the latter film set the stage for this impromptu trilogy of films, and it doesn't seem like it will disappoint.

The Third Arrives

Glass / Facebook

Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson are back in their Unbreakable roles as David Dunn and Elijah Price -- the titular Mr. Glass -- respectively, joined by James McAvoy's multiple personalities. This includes The Beast, the terrifying final form that exhibits super strength and little remorse for victims.

A Showdown

Glass / Facebook

As with Unbreakable, we shouldn't expect the typical superhero showdown here. The elements are present, yes, but the execution will have that Shyamalan flair we've seen int he past. There were plenty of dark moments in the first film and Split was essentially a horror film up until its ending.

All of our characters end up at a mental hospital, with Glass pulling the strings to put his muse against The Beast.

Unbreakable Again?

Flickr | FilmBook (FilmBook's Official Flick Page)

The trailer also gives up plenty of Sarah Paulson as one of the mental asylum doctors it would seem, and the return of Anya Taylor-Joy as her Split character Casey Cooke. It isn't clear what role these two will play in the story, but you can't really go wrong.

All the cards seem aligned here.

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