5 Reasons for a Deadpool Movie to be R-Rated

5 Reasons for a Deadpool Movie to be R-Rated

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What is the one thing we all agree that we want for sure? That’s right, a Deadpool movie. The merc with a mouth needs an on-screen bonanza of blood, gore, violence, crude humor, swearing, and breaking the fourth wall.

1. Swearing:

Profanity, profanity, f***ing profanity. If you don’t have swearing, you can’t capture the true personality of Deadpool (see the Deadpool video game). Comic book movies have either gone the dark route with the DC movies or just for the blockbuster flashy movies like the Avengers or the other Marvel movies, but a legitimately well done Deadpool movie will take comic book movies to somewhere it hasn’t really gone. It’ll be crass and extremely inappropriate, but that’s what Deadpool is.

2. Blood, gore and violence:

Do I really need to elaborate on this? Deadpool’s healing factor will make for extreme graphic mutilations to be done to him. On top of that, his persona will make for him cutting up and completely massacring opponents. Without the additions of this violence, Wade Wilson will pretty much become Peter Parker with a better sense of humor.

3. Potential success:

Many movies, R-rated or not, have become cult hits and have had ensuing success from there. Movies such as Fight Club, for example, were not box-office hits, but look at its reputation now. The reason I’m saying this is because making it R-rated will indeed limit the audience thus lowering the money it will get, but on the other hand, many R-rated movies have succeeded in the box office as well. Obviously it will not reach the billion dollar club, but 300 made above 210 million dollars which can definitely be achieved for Deadpool if properly marketed. Comic book fans will be a sure hit to go, but Deadpool is the kind of character who can pull in a huge amount of people just through his humor. Any of the people going to see movies like This Is The End or Scary Movie will definitely come to see this. If the action and the comedy are both done properly, this could easily become the highest grossing R-rated movie, beating out The Passion Of Christ which grossed almost 371 million dollars.

4. Financial excuses are totally flawed:

Why not make an R-rated movie? The main argument against it is that it won’t rake in the dough and won’t be worth the production price. Well I addressed the box-office issue above, but the production issue is another matter. Let me first reinstate, in case you didn’t know, that a Deadpool movie will have to be made by FOX since they have the rights to him through the X Men. Let’s now recall a film FOX made a few years ago called… wait the name is escaping me. OH RIGHT! X Men Origins: Wolverine. That movie was an abomination (not a Hulk reference) yet FOX delved money into it. The not-so-surprising fact is that they only spent about $120 million on it. Deadpool’s only power is healing which Wolverine also had and is not the most costly special effect. The special effects needed for this movie are not Pacific Rim-esque, so the costs there are not the greatest. Honestly, I don’t at all think this movie would have to have an enormous budget, so if they could venture to make a horrible Wolverine film, I don’t see any excuse why they can’t gamble on an R-rated Deadpool movie done right.

5. Cameos:

Comic book readers will know that Wolverine is actually much grittier than shown in the X Men movies. Part of the reason why is because, well, they’re family movies. A cameo from Wolverine would be very relevant to Deadpool, would bring in more people, as well as show Logan at his best. These two Canadians would look great on screen (no Origins Wolverine doesn’t count, don’t mention that) and would make for great scenes. Cable is another character frequently seen with Deadpool and since he’s appearing in X-Men: Days Of Future Past, he could make his next appearance with the Merc with the Mouth next. This could also be an opportunity to introduce more mutants that perhaps they haven’t showcased yet. You can never have too many mutants! (DoFP better not make me eat my words)

Of course, there are other reasons for it to be R-rated, but I hope we can all agree that if it’s not R-rated, it’s doomed to be in the gutter. Having a foul-mouthed, hilarious mercenary who breaks the fourth wall will be fresh and brilliant (if done right). Apparently, a screenplay already exists and from what revealed, it sounds great. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

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