A Tribute to Christopher Reeve

A Tribute to Christopher Reeve

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I just wanted to say a few words: When I was 2-years-old, I saw the Superman movie here in Mexico. Since that moment Christopher Reeve has been my hero, he's inspired me.

Because of him I have now become a surgeon and in the future I would like to make contributions into stem cell research, finding ways to help people with spinal damage and the diseases that cause it.

I think Chris was a real Man of Steel, and will always be the real superman. He was someone that never seemed to give up. I miss him as an actor, a character, and activist and in the Superman role.

I honestly can't wait for the new Superman movie, but I'll always remember Chris. So in his name I found two pictures on the Internet and edited them together. The result is the the picture you see above.

It's just a simple fan edit, and a tribute, to both Man of Steel the movie, and the man of steel Christopher Reeve.

God bless him wherever he is, and thanks to all you Superman fans, for taking your time to read this.