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As ties with the ever-expanding Arrowverse continue to grow, we here at Movie Pilot are on-hand to keep you up to date with everything you need to know about Season 5 of Arrow in this ultimate guide, which will be updated daily with the latest Arrow news.

Arrow Season 5 News, Rumors & Updates

Updated 09/26/2016:

A picture from the table-read for Episode 100 reveals that Katie Cassidy (Laurel Lance) and Robert Queen (Jamey Sheridan), Oliver's father, will return from the dead somehow for the Arrowverse crossover. How exactly Robert will be resurrected remains uncertain — but our money's on this being the Robert Queen from another Earth, as we already know that he's Green arrow on Earth-2.

Official poster for Season 5 promises a back to basics approach for Oliver Queen and Arrow itself.

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

A new fan theory speculates that Shado could return from the dead in the role of Prometheus for Season 5. This would fit with the origin that executive producer Marc Guggenheim teased a while back, explaining that;

“I can really only say that Oliver bears a measure of responsibility for the creation of Prometheus.”

Show runner Greg Berlanti explains how Warner Bros. asked his team to test out the Suicide Squad characters on TV before tackling the team on the big screen. Does this mean Harley Quinn could return in Season 5 of Arrow?

A new CW app is set to launch that will allow audiences to watch DC TV shows on Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, XBox, Amazon Fire TV for free. Every show will be available, although it's unclear how many episodes will be included when the app launches.

New Season 5 trailer shows the new members of Team Arrow in more detail and reveals out very first look at the supernatural hero Ragman.

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

Remember to check back regularly as we clear up old rumors and discuss new Arrow gossip as it hits the internet!

Arrow Season 5 Premiere Date

The Arrow Season 5 premiere date will be on October 5, 2016 at 8pm ET on the US network CW. For viewers in the UK, the first episode will reportedly air a few weeks later on 26 October 2016 at 8pm (TBC).

Arrow Season 5 Trailers

The first Arrow Season 5 trailer premiered at San Diego Comic Con on July 22, showing Oliver try to pick up the pieces left in Damien Darhk's wake by assembling a new team, while honoring the late Laurel Lance in the process.

A new shorter clip recently premiered online, providing fans with a closer look at Tobias Church, one of the primary antagonists of Season 5. This second glimpse into Season 5 places more emphasis on the action, depicting both the emotional and physical toll of violence in Oliver's life.

The third trailer is an extended version of the second, adding in extra footage that shows the new members of Team Arrow in action, along with our first official look at the supernatural hero Ragman.

Arrow Season 5 Cast

The last season of Arrow ended with Oliver's team disbanding in the wake of Damien Darhk's death — but that doesn't mean the regular Arrow cast are leaving anytime soon. Filling out the roster will be a number of new additions in Season 5, some of whom will fight alongside Green Arrow, and others who will stop at nothing to destroy his city.

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

Stephen Amell: As the central protagonist, Amell has done a phenomenal job of bringing Oliver Queen to the small screen, carving his own identity into the legacy of Green Arrow.

David Ramsey: A mainstay since Season 1, Ramsey has become one of the pivotal cast members in the role of John Diggle.

Willa Holland: Starting out in a minor supporting part as Oliver's sister Thea, Holland has since played a key role in a number of the show's central story lines.

Emily Bett Rickards: Rickards quickly transformed Felicity from a small guest role into a fan favorite. She was quickly promoted to the principal cast thanks to her charisma and memorable one-liners.

— Echo Kellum: Despite only making his debut in Season 4 of Arrow, Kellum's presence on the show has transformed Curtis Holt into one of the program's most beloved characters, guaranteeing him a spot in the main cast for Season 5.

— Josh Segarra: Chicago P.D. star Segarra will join the Arrow cast in Season 5, playing a new character called Adrian Chase.

— Paul Blackthorne: Since he first appeared in Season 1, Blackthorne's role as Quentin Lance has arguably developed more than any other character.

Arrow Season 5 Characters

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

Here's where we left off with our favorite Arrow characters after the explosive Season 4 finale:

Oliver Queen/Green Arrow: Oliver will have a new challenge to face in Season 5, as he takes on the role of Mayor while training new allies in the fight against crime.

— John Diggle/Spartan: After being forced to kill his own traitorous brother, John Diggle felt he needed a break from Star City and re-enlisted in the Army, fighting as part of Special Forces in Chechnya.

— Thea Queen/Speedy: Thea went down a dark path in Season 4, battling bloodlust and the influence of her father, Malcolm Merlyn, which prompted her to take a break from Team Arrow.

— Felicity Smoak/Overwatch: Now that Felicity and Ollie are friends again, the sassy computer hacker is working hard to revive the fortunes of her company, Palmer Technologies, while continuing to help Green Arrow protect their city.

— Curtis Holt/Mister.Terrific: Fed up of the constant danger that his city is forced to endure, Curtis has decided to stand up and be counted this season, joining Oliver in his war against crime as Mister Terrific.

— Adrian Chase/Vigilante: New district attorney Adrian Chase works as an ally of Mayor Oliver Queen during the day, while taking matters into his own hands after hours as the crime-fighter Vigilante.

— Quentin Lance/Detective: After the loss of his daughter Laurel, Quentin will struggle to pick up the pieces and find his place in the world during this season of Arrow.

Arrow Season 5 Review & Recap

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

Each episode of Arrow crams in a ton of references to both the show's comic book origins and the Flarrowverse at large. Fortunately, Movie Pilot is on hand to provide Arrow fans with weekly recaps & reviews, which will include details that even the most eagle-eyed of viewers may miss while caught up in all of the action.

Arrow Season 5 Preview & Promos

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

It's hard being an Arrow fan when you have to wait a whole week between each episode. Fortunately though, CW make these seven days a little bit more bearable by providing us with a short preview trailer at the end of each episode, priming us for the next chapter of the series. So far, we've been given two Arrow promos to pore over, but soon we'll have plenty more once Season 5 begins to air on TV.

Arrow Season 5 Spoilers

The official synopsis for the Arrow Season 5 premiere has been unveiled online via Screen Rant, revealing that Chad L. Coleman's villainous character will appear from the first episode onwards:

“After Laurel’s (Katie Cassidy) death and the departures of both Diggle (David Ramsey) and Thea (Willa Holland) from Team Arrow, Oliver (Stephen Amell) takes to the streets solo to protect Star City’s citizens as the Green Arrow. With Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) guiding him from the bunker, Oliver is forced to deal with a city that has become overrun with both criminals and a slew of new (and painfully inexperienced) vigilantes. Watching Oliver try to balance his jobs as both the mayor and also the protector of Star City, Felicity suggests he form a new team, but Oliver resists. However, when a deadly new criminal, Tobias Church (guest star Chad L. Coleman), enters the picture, Oliver realizes the best thing for the city might be a new team of superheroes. Meanwhile, the flashbacks take us to Russia where Oliver faces off against the Bratva."

And here's the official synopsis for Episode 2, titled 'Suit Up':

"Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) new recruits for Team Arrow are Curtis (Echo Kellum), Wild Dog (guest star Rick Gonzalez) and Evelyn Sharp (guest star Madison McLaughlin). Unfortunately, the Green Arrow’s training methods prove to be too much for some of them to handle. Meanwhile, in the flashbacks, Oliver’s initiation into the Bratva continues."

Stephen Amell revealed that he will play 3 different versions of Oliver Queen in episode 97, 'Human Target', leading many to speculate that this could be linked with Flashpoint in some way.

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

One of the key criticisms leveled at Arrow during Season 4 was how the show dealt with the relationship between Oliver and Felicity, which came to an end before the final episode.

However, in Season 5, 'Olicity' will reportedly continue as a partnership of sorts. In an interview with TVLine, executive producer Wendy Mericle revealed some Season 5 spoilers, explaining that the relationship between Oliver and Felicity will remain ambiguous — that is, until Episode 5, where more developments will be revealed.

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

When asked what we can expect from the Season 5 premiere, Stephen Amell responded with these ominous emojis, suggesting death is on the horizon. What isn't clear, though, is whether a major character will die, or whether Oliver just becomes more ruthless once again in his vendetta against crime.

Arrow Season 5 Spinoff

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

Since Arrow first aired in 2012, the CW have worked hard to build a cohesive universe that shares characters and settings with its two spinoff shows, The Flash and The Legends of Tomorrow. After introducing Barry Allen in Season 2, Arrow began an annual crossover event with The Flash where the two heroes work together to take on a threat that's too powerful for them to face alone.

This fall, the CW's annual team-up event will expand to heroic proportions, incorporating not two, not three, but four shows into one epic story line. The Arrow Season 5 spinoff crossover will link Supergirl, The Flash, The Legends of Tomorrow, and Arrow's milestone 100th episode.

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

Arrow Season 5 Theories

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

Comic book fans love to speculate about their favorite shows, and Arrowheads are no different. From potential new characters to game-changing theories about the Flarrowverse as a whole, the writers at Movie Pilot are on hand to keep you updated with the latest Arrow theories for Season 5.

Arrow Episodes: The Complete Guide

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

Now in it's fifth season, Arrow is the longest running show in CW's ongoing Flarrowverse and it shows no signs of slowing down. Season 5's premiere will be the 93rd Arrow episode to air on the network, titled 'Legacy'. It will be followed in the coming weeks by 'The Recruits', 'A Matter Of Trust', 'Penance', 'Human Target' and 'So It Begins', before the Flarrowverse crossover takes place in the eighth episode.

Where To Watch 'Arrow Season 5' Online

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

There are a number of streaming sites where you can watch Arrow online:

— CWTV: The official CW network web site airs Arrow, but isn't up to date with the most recent episodes. An official app is set to follow soon.

— Hulu: The first four seasons of Arrow are currently available to watch on Hulu, although that's set to change soon now that the CW have negotiated for exclusivity with Netflix.

— Netflix: Netflix doesn't have the most recent episodes of Arrow available yet, but you will find all of Seasons 1 - 3 on offer right now.

— Amazon: Amazon currently has all four seasons of Arrow available to watch. You can choose to buy just one episode for $2.99, or pay $34.99 for the entire season.

Arrow Merchandise

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

The CW show Arrow transformed the Emerald Archer from a comic book favorite to a household name in just a few short years. With a fan base that continues to grow with each passing year, it's no surprise that there's a wealth of Arrow merchandise available for purchase. From fan art and print t-shirts to action figures and phone cases, there's something out there to buy for every fan of Oliver Queen's exploits on Arrow.

WBShop: Official action figures, blu-rays and even a full-blown Arrow costume are all available at this site. Features everything from Green Arrow themed socks and pint glasses to t-shirts and keychains.

RedBubble: Mugs, prints and stationery are among the many Arrow related items you can buy from this store.

Green Arrow Comic Book

[Via DC Comics]
[Via DC Comics]

Comic book shows such as Arrow regularly draw inspiration from their source material, providing us with clues regarding specific characters and story arcs. However, the CW often make a concerted effort to deviate from the comics, so what we can learn from DC's original stories must be treated with caution. Nonetheless, with 75 years of material to draw upon, the legacy of Green Arrow contains a wealth of iconic story lines that inform the show on a weekly basis.

Remember to keep checking back regularly as this Arrow guide will be updated with more news, rumors and theories each day in the run up to Season 5's premiere and beyond.

What do you love most about Arrow and what are you most excited to see happen in Season 5?

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