Avi Arad laughs at your puny Spider-Man/Avengers team-up dreams

Avi Arad laughs at your puny Spider-Man/Avengers team-up dreams

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Let's be real here. Any comic book fans who feel that movie studios "owe" them things need to let that thought go right now. Rightly or wrongly, studios are going to do what makes the most sense for them, not comic book fans, and, for the most part, that has worked out pretty well for both sides (although occasionally, there have been some questionable decisions made on behalf of the studios).

So it's ironic that the biggest fan dream is often the most non-negotiable from the perspective of the studios: the franchise crossover. The potential storyline that has fans more excited than anything is Marvel Civil War, with speculation - or maybe a better term is "fervent praying" - that Sony, Marvel, and Fox would play nicely with one another long enough for us to see this on screen one day.

According to producer , don't hold your breath. When asked by Total Film if we'd ever see Sony's Spider-Man and Marvel's The Avengers teaming up, Arad said:

I for one don't see the value for us in it. I think we're doing such a good job with the Spider-Man Universe. Spider-Man is arguably the number one character in the world. He shouldn't make a cameo.

Producer Matthew Tolmach also concurred, saying

The practical side of it is, look, how many movies have we just talked about? It's all we can do to build that universe. We're not going beyond that.

Basically, don't expect to see Spidey taking his rightful place as part of Earth's Mightiest Heroes any time soon.


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(Source: Total Film via CBM)

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