Captain America Spoilers: The Winter Soldier Post Credits Scene Explained!

Captain America Spoilers: The Winter Soldier Post Credits Scene Explained!

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For those of us in the know, the Captain America: Winter Soldier post-credits scene is something of a goldmine - A goldmine full of delicious geeky nuggets. But for all the normal people out there who wondered: "Is that Adolf Hitler... and Kick-Ass?" this little story is for you.

Join us as we explain that post-credits zinger...

Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS to follow. You have been warned.

Giving us very little time to catch our breath after the roller coaster that was Cap's spectacular finale, Marvel pulls their old trick to keep you in your movie seat.

We pan down, and down as we realize we're in an underground layer of some sort. VoiceOver indicates the approach of two characters, one of whom we're going to become very familiar with.

Big Bad

On the right is Baron Von Strucker, regular antagonist of Captain America and all around classic Nazi despot.

Think of him as like The Red Skull only a bit more realistic and scary. He's going to play a HUGE role in Avengers 2 as the secondary antagonist alongside Ultron.

Von Strucker started out as your run-of-the-mill Nazi Wing Commander but after a little genetic augmentation to make him ageless, he soon graduated into maniacal loon and founding member of HYDRA.

Meaning: This guy could've been down here a long time. We're talking Cap stuck in an icicle long.

The two men discuss what went down over the course of the movie we've just watched and sadly reveal it was all for nothing. HYDRA lives on, deep underground and their deadliest attack is yet to be unleashed.

Glorious Purpose

Before anything else happens we're reunited with an old friend - Loki's spear from The Avengers. Gifted to him by Thanos, the weapon holds some dangerous tech. Don't forget about its mind control powers, its fiery laser blasts and its semi-sentient actions in The Avengers. This thing is bad news.

After that we follow the Baron and his companion as they turn their gaze to the other side of the room. And there we have the money shot.

The Age Of Miracles

In two separate tanks, either side of each other, dwell The Twins. Dubbed by Von Strucker as 'horrifying miracles', the twins are indeed miracles but not ones that we've seen in THIS Marvel universe before.

That's because The Twins are Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, mutants with exceptional abilities and a very famous father. Good luck waiting to hear Magneto and the word mutant in Avengers 2 though. Fox holds the rights to all things mutant, hence the Baron's use of the word 'miracles'.

But who are these poor caged up test subjects and why are they here? Well, it seems that Von Strucker might just be planning a superhero team-up of his own. One with potentially deadly consequences as these kids are very dangerous and in the wrong hands, evil.

We see Quicksilver displaying what appears to be super speed, but sadly he can't run very far. Confined to the small cell, all Quicksilver can do is seemingly speed his way into the walls. Again and again. Yeah I'm pretty sure he's not here of his own free will. Think of Quicksilver like The Flash, only with a little more character and a little less red in his costume. And yes that is Kick-Ass' Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Quicksilver.

On his right is his sister: Scarlet Witch, a being so powerful, she once (in the comics) removed the latent ability of all mutants in the entire world. Her power is reality bending and manipulating the chances of probability. There's a good chance she won't be quite as powerful as her comic book counter part in the Marvel movie universe though. Might make things a little unfair.

We meet her here demonstrating your standard telekinetic abilities. I'm thinking she'll be more of the team psychic and less team reality-god. That's Elizabeth Olsen, little sister to the Olsen Twins and a talented up-and-comer in her own right.

Expect these two to begin Avengers 2 as antagonists, working under the command of Von Strucker. Maybe a bit of light super-villainy here and there. Eventually though, these guys will see the error of their ways (they always do in the comics) and join The Avengers for a final battle against wayward robot Ultron.

I don't know about you but I'm super excited.

Captain America 2's post credits scene not only managed to introduce us to a new villain but also, potentially, two new Avengers.

Well played Cap, well played indeed.

Will Wharton

Will Wharton

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