'CBGB' Trailer Is Scruffy, Dirty and Freakin Awesome.

'CBGB' Trailer Is Scruffy, Dirty and Freakin Awesome.

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CBGB is set to be released in a perilous time for authentic rock n' roll. As the Western world is encroached by a craze called EDM, it's ascending synths, dubstep drops, orders to 'turn the music up' and a rather irritating man called Pitbull that's ruling the airwaves.

Rock n' roll. In the popular imagination at least, it's flailing. And that pure sucks.

So, let's hope CBGB can bring some of the faith back. Based on the infamous (and iconic to boot!) rock club of NYC lore, widely acknowledged as the birthplace of punk, this film aims to tell its origins. Focusing on Hilly Kristal (), the down n' out owner who manages to drag himself out of his financial problems by opening up the club, and promises a roll-call of a number of big names from punk history (Debbie Harry! Lou Reed! Joey Ramone! Patti Smith!).

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I'm sure for many this will provide a nostalgia trip of a lifetime. And for people like me too sprightly to have been there at the time, it's an 'I was born in the wrong decade!' moment.

The trailer, even with just 2:03 minutes duration, manages to really create a feeling of an era past. And chews up the scenery in the way only the man behind Severus Snape can. And Mr Ron Weasley, , as Dirty Boys' guitarist Cheetah Chrome. Grint's an avid guitarist, so he must have got a kick out of this role. Even better news its that Chrome himself has praised him for his performance saying he 'did a great job, he somehow got a really good bead on me'.

I'm not quite sure what getting a really good bead is. But it sounds like Grint is continuing on his path to shake off his Harry Potter stardom.

CBGB is due to release October 11th stateside. Excited much?

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