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Who said we shouldn't adapt video games into movies? While fans are fearing a curse dooming any transition from the console to the big screen, studios seem to persist in making video game adaptations, and Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed is first in line to attempt to lift the dreaded curse this Christmas.

But violent and action-packed movies aren't the only ones coming out of the games room: Back in February, Sony had announced a semi live-action, semi CGI adaptation of the adventures of #Sonic the Hedgehog, the popular character created by #Sega in the early '90s. Now, #Deadpool director #TimMiller has just joined the project with his visual effects studio partner Jeff Fowley.

Tim Miller Left Deadpool 2 Over Creative Differences

Recently, it was announced that Miller, who directed the highly successful antihero movie Deadpool, had left the team currently working on #Deadpool2 due to creative differences with star #RyanReynolds and the writers. The departure was a surprise to all Deadpool fans, considering the movie took this year's box office by storm, even when it was Miller's first gig as a feature film director.

But the skill to turn a small budget movie into a worldwide triumph doesn't go unnoticed, and it was obvious it wouldn't be long before Miller was asked to join another major project. While Fox reportedly assigned him to the thriller Influx, he's now on board with the Sonic movie as an executive producer.

Miller Initially Specialized In Animation

It makes sense for Miller to go back to a semi-animated project, considering he founded a visual effects and animation studio called Blur in 1995. And it's his Blur collaborator, Jeff Fowler, who is attached to direct. While Sony hasn't released any details yet on which parts of the popular video game franchise would inspire the plot of the movie, we know the film will involve animated animals in a live-action world, which seems to fit perfectly with Miller's range of skills.


Do you think a live-action Sonic movie is a good idea?

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