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If you're waiting to find out what #Deadpool2 will be titled (assuming it's not just, ya know, Deadpool 2), you'll have to wait a while longer yet — but as of today we do know its working title, and that's (can we get a drumroll please)...

Love Machine!

Actually, there's no exclamation point, but allow it, I'm excited. Here's what we know about #Deadpool 2: It won't be directed by Tim Miller, but it will introduce two key players in the Deadpoolverse, #Domino and #Cable. In the Deadpool post-credits scene, the Merc sarcastically teased Keira Knightley for a genderbent take on Cable...

...and while that was almost definitely just for the lols, the super-talented artist Boss Logic mocked up some fan art previewing how the Pride & Prejudice star would look as Deadpool's on-off frenemy (see the header image above).

Sure, Love Machine is just an in-joke about either Deadpool's (self-hyped) skills in the bedroom or Cable himself, but wouldn't it be epic if #RyanReynolds actually made Keira as Cable happen? Fingers crossed on that score...

(Marvel Comics)
(Marvel Comics)

Then again, it's hard to go wrong with Cable whatever his gender, especially if panels like this one make the leap to screen. We've all been there. Deadpool 2 films early next year for a presumed released in Spring 2018.


Would Keira Knightley be the sickest Cable, or should the role go to a man?