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Paparazzi and email-hacking aside, most people would love a shot at being famous. The adoring fans, the free clothes, the ability to say and do what you want: These things probably make the glow of the spotlight hard to tear oneself away from. Some are not ready to call it quits after their 15 minutes of fame, and try to cling on by fabricating controversy and being weird for weird's sake to stay relevant.

Die Antwoord are a South African trap-duo (YoLandi Visser and Ninja) who entranced the music world with their disturbing music videos and their eclectic sound. When they depleted their weird bag of tricks it seemed that their time in the sun had come to an end but many musicians and filmmakers still credited them as an influence.

Check out their mental video for "I FINK YOU FREEKY":

The two rappers from outer space threw a tantrum when they weren't credited for Jared Leto's Joker in and it seems that yet another filmmaker has earned their scorn. The couple featured heavily in Neill Blomkamp's Sci-Fi, last year and now, 18 months later, they've taken to social media to accuse some of the crew of back-stabbing.

Check out the trailer for Chappie below:

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Die Antwoord Versus The World

Ninja took to Instagram last week to fire shots at director and (former) friend, Neill Blomkamp for forgetting to credit them for their contributions in the art department. In the post Ninja proudly stands in front of their work, a hand-painted cave that served as Chappie's lair.

Ninja also specifically targets the unnamed Art director who stabbed them in the back before pouring contempt on more of the "fat fat fucks" on set. The colorful set is impressive but whether or not the rappers/actors were cheated out of a credit remains to be seen. Perhaps it would have been wiser to retreat into their home-spun lair to chill instead of stomping their feet like red-faced toddlers.

What's Next For Ninja And Yolandi?

The release of Chappie, also starring , was mired by a mountain of mixed reviews and a 32% score on Rotten tomatoes, so perhaps the South African duo feel like they were cheated out of their breakout opportunity. Why else would they lash out now, 18 months after the release?

Whether this outrage will lead to a law suit or is merely an attempt to create buzz for their album release early next year, the two rappers are making quick work at burning bridges. The Instagram attack also revealed that Die Antwoord plan on setting the record straight by making their own movie. However, it will become harder and harder for them to find collaborators if they're going to take to Instagram whenever they're upset.


Do you think Die Antwoord's rage is justified?


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