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The heavily anticipated sequel hit a bit of a snag when director Tim Miller decided to leave production. Rumor has it that his decision to leave was based on creative conflicts with star Ryan Reynolds over the casting of Cable, but no solid details have surfaced. Now, the film lacks a director and that puts #Deadpool2's 2018 release date in serious jeopardy unless they find a replacement ASAP.

Luckily, I have a few suggestions in mind and have managed to put together a list of five perfect replacements for Tim Miller.

5. Chad Stahelski And David Leitch

Both of these men are relatively new directors, but they did make a little film called John Wick, which was easily one of the best action movies in recent memory. Their ability to breathe life into a character and premise that seemed like a joke at first makes them perfect candidates for Deadpool 2. Not only that, but they both have extensive experience in stunt work, which means we would get the chance to see Deadpool do even more incredible action sequences. They've just finished John Wick 2, which looks to be as good as the original. Just imagine what they could do with Deadpool.

4. Justin Lin

While he is best known for his work on the Fast & Furious franchise, it's his recent work on Star Trek Beyond that makes me think Lin could take on director duties for Deadpool 2. He stepped into some pretty big shoes left behind by J.J. Abrams and managed to knock it out of the park. Lin showed that he can take well-known characters and bring something new to them while still remaining true to what fans love most about them. His take on Deadpool could push the character to its limits, and that's exactly what fans want to see.

3. Brad Bird

Bird is well known for his work at Pixar, and let's face it, Pixar is well known for great movies (Cars 2 being a freak mishap). However, it was Bird's work on Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol that makes me think he would be a great fit to take over for Miller. Probably one of the best of the franchise, the film was action-packed but maintained a coy sense of humor. The opening sequence with Tom Cruise in the Russian prison is exactly why Bird should be a contender to take over Deadpool 2.

2. Phil Lord And Christopher Miller

Audiences are probably best familiar with 21 Jump Street, 22 Jump Street and the Lego Movie from these talented directors. So, why Deadpool 2? Because this team knows comedy and does it so incredibly well. Not only that, but their comedy films to date have had some pretty intense action sequences. The fact that they are responsible for the Jump Street movies is proof enough that they would be more than capable of capturing the R-rated raunchy humor that the first Deadpool film delivered in full force.

1. Ryan Reynolds

At this point, there is no doubt that Ryan Reynolds is the perfect person to play Deadpool. In fact, there's strong evidence to suggest that he might actually be the Merc with a Mouth incarnate. So, who better to direct Deadpool 2 than the man who fought so hard to make it a reality and managed to embody everything fans love about the character? This would be his directorial debut, but this seems like a perfect opportunity for him to get some experience behind the camera. Honestly, the best thing that could come out of this setback would be Reynolds stepping up and giving us a movie even better than the first.

Let's just hope that when the trailer drops we're as excited as we were about the first Deadpool Red Band trailer:

So, what do you think? Who would you want to see direct Deadpool 2? Let me know your top picks in the comments below!