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Some tragic news stunned the nerd world recently when director Tim Miller decided to exit the upcoming sequel to maybe the most astonishing comic book film ever: Deadpool! Apparently he had some creative differences with the star of the franchise (Ryan Reynolds) on who to cast as Cable (Deadpool's sidekick buddy from the future and son of former X-Men leader Cyclops). Now, you wouldn't naturally think that an actor would have that much say in the casting of a movie, however this case is somewhat unique.

Ryan Reynold FTW

It's safe to say that Ryan Reynolds had the biggest hand in getting this blockbuster sensation off the ground, and was even credited as one of the top producers on the project. He had grown rather attached to the role years before Hollywood knew anything about the "Merc with a Mouth" (even before the X-Men Origins: Wolverine debacle). This was due to diehard comic book readers and writers always comparing Deadpool's humor and attitude to Reynolds's. In turn, he became synonymous with the role (and without him you jeopardize the entire operation), so it makes sense that he is the one to stick around after "creative differences."

Sorry, Tim Miller

Don't get me wrong — Tim Miller did a wonderful job with the first film and will probably go on to have a very successful career (I mean, he's already signed on to do another Fox feature called Influx, which is expected to kick off a gigantic franchise), but he's not the only director in the world that could pull off a project like Deadpool. There are actually a few others that instantly come to mind, plus a small fan petition out there to get Quentin Tarantino to consider the project. With all of that said, I do believe there is one person that clearly stands out as the perfect choice, and so much so I kind of believe it's destiny.

That man is Edgar Wright!

Edgar Wright

The man who brought us classic films such as Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Scott Pilgrim vs The World has been on a slight hiatus since an oddly similar situation took place with last year's sleeper hit, Ant-Man. Edgar Wright decided to depart that project in early stages of production due to some scripting conflicts with the studio, despite having worked with Marvel for eight years to bring it to life. Most fans were left pretty disappointed wondering what his vision would have looked like, but it seems that Wright has moved on with a new project (Baby Driver) set to release sometime next year.

The Comeback

I don't want to be that guy, but since he has been slow to jump onto other projects after his intense studio breakup, directing Deadpool 2 would kind of be the perfect slap in the face for Marvel. The X-Men are almost the only characters Marvel does not own the film rights to (which includes Deadpool), so Wright would get to be in charge of a Marvel property that is completely out of their control. Talk about stirring the pot! Aside from Wolverine, Deadpool might be the only reason why Marvel won't be able to gain control over all of their characters for quite some time.

Technical Stuff

Aside from the petty mumbo jumbo, I genuinely think Edgar Wright's understanding of storytelling, comedy, action, and sheer nerdiness perfectly fit the needs of this project. His technical style could bring an entirely new visual energy that might set it apart from the last film, and possibly fashion an even bigger spectacle with all the crazy time travel stuff. Also, his previous films don't typically shy away from getting brutal (which is classic Deadpool), so I don't imagine he'd have any trouble finding the right tone. Funnily enough, Tim Miller worked with Edgar Wright on Scott Pilgrim vs The World, so they must have some sort of creative likeness.


The only thing I could see holding Edgar Wright back from signing onto the project would be the limit of creative control. I do think if he went in with a full understanding of his role, he could focus primarily on the look and feel of the film and let everything else to fall into place. In the event it wouldn't be his cup of tea, Spike Jonze, Matthew Vaughn, or the team-up of Chris Lord and Phil Miller are all suitable replacements. Maybe Deadpool should shred the fourth wall and just kill all the directors until there is only one left. That would make picking a replacement a whole lot easier. Until then, we are just left to wonder.

Go behind the scenes of the last Deadpool movie in the video below:

Who would you like to see direct Deadpool 2?