Jaws reboot apparently in the works, casting already underway

Jaws reboot apparently in the works, casting already underway

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water....

I'm sorry, I can't throw out Jaws quotes and pretend that everything is going to be OK, because if a recent casting call on Mandy.com is to be believed, everything is not going to be OK. It seems that 's groundbreaking blockbuster, Jaws, is getting a reboot and the production is currently looking to cast all crew positions. Here's the post:

We are seeking all crew positions for the upcoming Jaws reboot. We will need to build sets quite early therefore we will be hiring partially prior to the official pre-production. Please submit all job queries via flickfolks.com in the US Film Crew Section. Please leave a message there directly with the studio PM (production manager)

Now before you lose your mind, roll around the floor in the fetal position and start mumbling about the death of originality in cinema and the unspeakable abuses about to be committed to your childhood memories, it's worth noting that this casting call has yet to be officially confirmed. For all we know it could be nothing more than a fake post designed to whip up mass hysteria in film lovers everywhere. It could just be some sick joke....please let it be some kind of sick joke.

But what if it's not?

I normally refrain from getting on my soapbox and bashing all things reboot and remake, but in the case of Jaws I feel a line has been crossed. Spielberg's epic and bloody retelling of Moby Dick with teeth was the template for the summer blockbuster, bringing punters to the theater in their droves with the promise of spectacle, a great story and wonderful performances. Quite simply, it's the template that all subsequent blockbusters have tried to copy and is one of the most effective thrillers ever made. What can possibly be gained from rebooting it?

It also contains one of my favorite scenes in cinema, when Quint recounts his harrowing tale of the sinking of the Indianapolis.

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Until I get official confirmation that this Jaws reboot is heading for shore, I'm going to label it as a rumor, tie and massive lead weight to it's underbelly and throw it into the depths of the ocean where it will hopefully never be heard of again.

Am I being overly dramatic here? Would you like to see a Jaws remake? Let me know what you think in the comment section below.


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