Kellan Lutz wrestles the title role in 'Hercules 3D'

Kellan Lutz wrestles the title role in 'Hercules 3D'

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has just found his Hercules, and the decision might surprise some. None other than The Twilight Saga's has nabbed the role as the demigod in The Legend of Hercules.

I know what you're thinking, and don't worry, The Rock will still also be Hercules in an upcoming movie. Currently two movies inspired by the Greek classical tale are in the works. Nu Image/Millenium are working to deliver Hercules 3D, while MGM/Paramount are working on a rival project with and , currently titled Hercules. Confusing I know.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Harlin, whose previous work includes Cliffhanger and Die Hard 2, had this to say about the casting:

It takes more than a good physique to portray the most legendary, mythological personality in history - and Kellan has exactly that, personality. He's not afraid to explore the strengths and vulnerabilities of the character, and he impressed me with his passion and heart. This is a breakout role for Kellan and a chance to grow and shine as an actor.

While executive producer added:

Kellan has the look and charisma that Harlin envisioned for the character. Renny had him in mind from the start and we are really excited to have him on board.

The exact plot details of both Herculean efforts are currently under wraps, although it seems Harlin's version will centrally feature a love story between Hercules and the mortal princess of Crete. Unfortunately, the princess has, against her will, already been betrothed to Hercules older brother. But with Harlin's movie being delivered in 3D, I think we can expect more than mythical romance. In fact, this won't be the first time Lutz has taken on a godly role. He also played Poseidon in 2011's Immortals.

With two Hercules movies arriving around the same time, which one will you be seeing in theaters?

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