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This year, Chelsea Hamill, Mark Hamill’s daughter, will appear on The Flash, in an episode directed by Kevin Smith.

The big question now: Will she play The Trickster's daughter? Could she be some kind of reverse Trickster in a timeline screwed up by Barry Allen? Or, will she team up with Smith’s daughter, Harley Quinn, to take down the Speedster? (I’m not a DC comics aficionado, so fans, speculate away!)

The Star Wars star revealed the news during a Q&A in Cleveland. Hamill was the keynote speaker at Content Marketing World 2016.

Content Marketing World gathers content marketers — writers, bloggers, filmmakers, videographers, search experts and more — from around the globe to learn, network and celebrate the craft.

Hamill chatted onstage with Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute founder, for about an hour. From Star Wars to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hamill shared a ton of stories. Sadly, no Corvette Summer.

Here are some highlights:

Arnold Schwarzenegger Didn't Follow His Advice

When Hamill was a young actor, he was asked by a friend to meet with a young Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold was still trying to launch his Hollywood career.

“I told him to lose the accent and change his name,” Hamill said. “The name was too hard to pronounce and it wouldn’t fit on a marquee.

“You can see how that turned out.”

One Thing About The Force Awakens Drove Him Crazy

50 weeks of training for this?
50 weeks of training for this?

While he suggested that he may have hesitated a bit before saying “Yes” to playing Luke again, Hamill says he knew that if he said “No” to Luke, he’d be the most hated man in fandom.

“They’d come after me. With lightsabers instead of torches,” he said.

Still, there was one thing about The Force Awakens that annoyed the hell out of him. In a jovial way, of course.

“After 50 weeks of training (to get in shape to play Luke), I finally got the script,” he said. “And I thought, ‘Are you kidding me? I worked out all that time to take off my hood?”

He understood, though, that the filmmakers wanted to build mystery around Luke’s absence, even from marketing material.

“It was all very clever,” Hamill said. “Because it got people speculating long before the movie came out.”

He’s Tired Of Luke Skywalker

At least professionally. And what he means by that is, like many actors, he always wants to try something new: Voice acting. Broadway. Writing. Directing.

On the flip side, Hamill loves Luke publicly. What he means by that is Luke continues to present him with opportunities to meet new people, engage with fans and travel around the world.

“All around the world, I have friends,” Hamill said. “And so many people are excited to see Luke — I think the parents more than the kids.”

He Doesn’t Think You Should Go Into Show Business

Hamill said when he’s asked to give young actors advice about Hollywood, he usually tries to talk them out of show business.

“It’s nothing but constant rejection,” he said, adding a person has to have the tenacity and confidence to weather all that negativity.

“Can you survive 450 spins at the wheel before your number comes up?”

If you can, then Hamill believes anything can happen.

He’s Got A New TV Show In The Works

New show for our favorite Jedi!
New show for our favorite Jedi!

It’s called Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest. The show finds Hamill traveling the globe meeting collectors of all manner of fandom — even shoes.

The show is less about the collections and more about the collectors. “They all have amazing stories,” he said.

The idea for the show came from co-producer Howard Kazanjian (yep, from The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi and Raiders of the Lost Ark). Kazanjian, a friend, saw Hamill’s extensive pop culture collection in his man cave and said, “This is the show.”

A Low Budget Movie Introduced Hamill To Twitter

Hamill had no interest in social media until 2012, when the creators of a low budget movie called Sushi Girl asked him to tweet on the film’s behalf. Hamill had a small part in the film and thought it made sense to help get the word out.

But then, once the film was released, he didn’t know what to do with his Twitter account. Since it felt a little like answering fan mail, Hamill kept tweeting. Today, he’s one of the more popular celebrities on the service.

He’s In Constant Competition With Carrie Fisher For Followers

Do you see any of Carrie Fisher's followers, Daisy?
Do you see any of Carrie Fisher's followers, Daisy?

Remember that photo with Hamill on Daisy Ridley’s back? The one we all thought suggested Luke would ipso facto be Rey’s Yoda?

That was all done on the fly, and because Hamill thought it would grab him enough followers to top Carrie Fisher’s number.

Hamill was riding by in a golf cart when he saw Ridley walking. He hopped out and asked Ridley if she thought she could hold him. Ridley said she’d give it a try.

“Then I promoted it. I told my followers they would get 'an Episode VIII exclusive on Thursday!'”

Then, as promised, on that particular Thursday, Hamill posted the pic. It was a sensation.

But Sometimes It Backfires

Hamill used the same tactic when he announced he was going to debut an exclusive Episode VIII trailer on Twitter. It turned out to be a picture of his trailer on the Episode VIII set.

“People were not amused,” he said. “I thought it was funny.”

Luke Skywalker Or The Joker? Which Would He Choose?

The Joker or Luke Skywalker. Who would you choose?
The Joker or Luke Skywalker. Who would you choose?

“Luke has been such a great journey,” Hamill said. “But the Joker? He’s insane. He’s never boring. And I’ve played him in so many different ways.

“But please don’t make me choose. Can’t I have both?”

(Sounds like The Joker to me!)