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Jack Carr

When a movie comes along that looks as chic, sleek and aesthetically ravishing as Tom Ford's darkly seductive thriller Nocturnal Animals, it's no surprise that some of the best artists on the internet are inspired to put their own visual spin on it.

With that in mind, we thought we'd showcase some of the best Nocturnal Animals fan art to hit the internet so far. Some of these posters highlight the cast, others riff off Ford's visuals, and a handful are more abstract.

From the talented Richard Davies comes a neon-drenched collage of the film's main cast, with Jake Gyllenhaal strikingly illuminated in blue.

Simon Carpenter opted for a geometric design that accentuates details, like Susan's (Amy Adams) jewelry, framed beneath by the silhouette of the film's Texan highway.

Giselle Monzon blends abstract with retro in this alluring design featuring an eye and a single ominous teardrop.

Neil Davies interpolates several striking pieces of imagery from the trailer into a black-and-white collage, Edward's manuscript held tightly in Susan's grip.

Nache Ramos dramatically reinterprets Nocturnal Animals as a retro horror flick.

Neven Udovicic runs with Ford's visually arresting shot of interweaving highways intersected with a creepy creature of the night.

Harlem Elam smartly borrows the film's recurring use of the color red in this gorgeous design, which places Gyllenhaal in Adams' hand.

Arden Avett opts for a simple, stylized manuscript cover, splattered with a drop of blood and signed by Edward himself.

And John Godfrey's design is drenched in neon pink, juxtaposing Susan's past life with Edward alongside the paper cut she receives when she picks up the manuscript — a beautiful touch.

Nocturnal Animals is out now in limited release. Don't miss Tom Ford's neo-noir masterpiece when it expands nationwide on December 9.