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After spending years in development hell, and a script on the 2007 blacklist, Passengers will finally hit theatres in time for Christmas. Initially pegged to star Keanu Reeves and Reese Witherspoon, the film will now see Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence as the two lovers who wake up in the midst of a 120 year long journey through space.

Here at Movie Pilot we have assembled your ultimate guide to the upcoming sci-fi to help you keep track of what to expect. Expect all the Passengers news and rumors in one place:

Passengers News and Rumors:

Passengers news and rumors will be updated daily leading up to the films release and will also be tracking its critical and commercial success.

Updated 09/26/16:

New stills have been released of Dunn and Preston searching the ship for clues. Check them out below:

Updated 09/20/16:

A new trailer was released today on the Official Passengers Twitter Page. You can watch it in the trailer section below.

Passengers Trailers:

Passengers Release Date:

The Passengers release date is on December 21st 2016. There are no festival premieres.

Passengers Plot Outline:

Thirty years into its 120 year voyage, two out of 5,259 people travelling on the Starship Avalon are accidentally awoken from hypersleep. The Passengers plot shows them falling in love with one another before their romance is curtailed by a potentially life-threatening problem on the ship.

Passengers Cast:

The Two Leads Passengers Cast;

  • Jennifer Lawrence: Aurora Dunn

First making waves with a blistering performance in Winters Bone, Academy-Award winner Jennifer Lawrence has wowed audiences with excellent performances in Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle and Joy as well as helming the vastly successful Hunger Games series.

  • Chris Pratt: Jim Preston

From his inauspicious beginnings in Parks and Recreation to his breakout role as Star Lord in Guardians of The Galaxy, Pratt's boy-next-door charm is key to understanding his immense likability. With Jurassic World he is seen to enjoy enormous crowds, starring in the 2nd highest grossing film of the year.

Supporting Players;

  • Michael Sheen: Arthur

After becoming an accomplished Shakespearian actor in the 1990s, Michael Sheen moved into film and television in the 2000s, playing Tony Blair three times. Also stars in the critically acclaimed Showtime series Masters of Sex.

  • Lawrence Fishburne: Gus Mancuso

Making his debut in Apocalypse Now as a fifteen year old fighting in the Vietnam war, Fishburne acted in a bunch of cult crime films before landing his most famous role as Orpheus in The Matrix Trilogy.

  • Aurora Perrineau: Celeste

Daughter of Harold Perrineau, Aurora is a relative newcomer, best known for her work on Jem, a live-action version of the animated TV series. Hopefully joining the Passengers' cast will launch her into a successful movie career.

Passengers Characters:

Lead Passengers characters:

  • Aurora Dunn

Aurora is a New York writer who is travelling in the premium part of the ship. She is travelling to the homestead colony to write an article on space travel.

  • Jim Preston

Jim Preston is a mechanic who leaves earth due to feeling that his job has no use any more. He is travelling in the working-class part of the ship.

Supporting Characters:

  • Arthur

Fulfilling the requirements of science-fiction Arthur plays an android who is severely confused as to why Jim has awoken in the ship. He is also a bartender.

  • Gus Mancuso

Details of this character are as yet unknown.

  • Celeste

All we know yet of Celeste is that she is Aurora's friend.

Passengers Spoilers:

Footage from CinemaCon has shown some of the direction the film will go in.

Warning Spoilers for Passengers here:

Fans were shown a ship floating through space, with all the passengers sleeping. Jim suddenly wakes up, and walks around releasing that there is no one there. He meets an android bartender (played by Michael Sheen) who tells him that he shouldn't be there. After a year he meets a girl who is a New York writer with much better accommodation than him. They both talk and she realises there is no way of going back to hibernation. For fun they go to dinner, watch films and swim. He tells her she's beautiful and they make out. The fun stops however, when the ship loses its gravity, leaving the two of them to try and quickly figure out a solution.

Passengers Theories:

  • One of the more interesting Passengers theories comes from our very own Amie Marie Bohannon who proposes that the reason for Jim being let out of his pod early is that he is needed to fix the ship. Why Lawrence is also there is not so clear: perhaps a variation on the Adam and Eve story?
  • An article in Teen Vogue has noted, due to the class difference between the two characters, and their initial distrust of one another that (inevitably) turns into love, and the fact that the spaceship could be destroyed, that this is basically a space variation of The Titanic - which means we could see Jim dying in order to save Aurora. If so, it might be time to bring a handkerchief with you.

Where To Watch Passengers Online:

The film has yet to be released yet, with a release date of December 21st, so as of yet there is nowhere to watch Passengers online.

Are You Going To Be Watching Passengers?