Pawn Sacrifice casting: cold war chess thriller adds stars

Pawn Sacrifice casting: cold war chess thriller adds stars

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Whoever saw him in the bloody hockey comedy Goon, in which he played a punchy Canadian athlete, knows: gives good antagonist.

And, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the Ray Donovan star will do likewise in Pawn Sacrifice.

The cold war chess drama centers on eccentric US grand master Bobby Fisher (), who after a record-breaking winning streak, faced the seemingly unbeatable Soviet chess maestro Boris Spassky who will be played by Schreiber.

Also joining the cast is (Blue Jasmine). The An Education- star will play a priest who becomes a close confidant of Fisher.

(The Last Samurai, Love and Other Drugs) directs.

Chess still has to prove itself as a worthy cinematic subject (there is a supposedly great Swiss French-language movie called Dangerous Moves which won the Oscar for best foreign language film but apart from that I don't really know a worthy chess film. Do you?).

Still, I find myself weirdly excited for Pawn Sacrifice. If only because there is an outside chance of Schreiber reverting to his Goon ways and punching in the face... arguably a small one, but still...

Pawn Sacrifice will begin filming in Montreal in October.

Tino Jochimsen

Tino Jochimsen

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