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The sequel to the sleeper hit Deadpool has hit a little bit of a speed bump — director Tim Miller has left the project. It was reported that his departure was due to "creative differences" with Ryan Reynolds. In the wake of this news, fans have started to voice their opinions about who they would like to direct the upcoming film, and the fans are starting to unify behind one director: Quentin Tarantino.

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The idea to have Tarantino direct Deadpool 2 is no a wholly original one. During an interview with MTV in 2009 Ryan Reynolds stated:

"You think directors for a movie like this and you immediately picture [Quentin] Tarantino or somebody like that."

Reynolds went on to say:

"Obviously Tarantino is a guy that likes to direct his own material, so there’s a good chance he wouldn’t be the guy. We all have our lists of dream directors."

Fans have now latched on to the idea of Tarantino directing Deadpool 2, despite it being most likely out of the realm of possibilities. They have organized and decided that it's at least worth a shot.

Image: Fox
Image: Fox

This organization comes in the form of a petition to spur the Oscar-winning director into action. The person championing the petition to bring on Tarantino to direct Deadpool 2 is a man named Carl Champion Jr. His initial goal was to have 1,500 people sign the petition and when that goal was met, to deliver the petition to Deadpool himself: Ryan Reynolds.

Unsurprisingly perhaps, the petition has far exceeded Champion Jnr.'s expectations. On October 24th the petition became a trending topic on Facebook, and supporters flocked to the site. Champion has been a true fan and has stuck by his petition, which at the time of writing, had over 7,500 signatures.

Carl Champion Jr. — who was kind enough to sit down with us and answer a few questions regarding the petition and his thoughts on Deadpool 2 — has been absolutely overwhelmed by the response the petition has garnered so far:

Oh man what an incredible ride yesterday was. Before anybody picked up on the story, it was just watching the signatures roll in. My account at is linked to an old email address I don't use anymore, and suddenly, every 60 seconds went by and I was getting an email there saying someone else signed. That was fun enough for me, but then when all the media outlets started picking up on it, and support really started pouring in, I was absolutely blown away.

Champion wasn't aware that Ryan Reynolds had previously expressed as interest in working with Tarantino on Deadpool — the idea for the petition just sprung from thinking Tarantino was a natural fit for the project:

When I first heard that Tim Miller left the project, Quentin Tarantino was just the first person I thought of. He's my favorite director of all time, but that is not the reason I saw a fit here. I thought about his penchant for great dialogue, and Reynolds incredible talent for delivering it. Reading that Reynolds himself had once wanted Tarantino for Deadpool, that was just icing on the cake.

As previously discussed, in spite of the buzz surrounding the petition, getting Tarantino to direct the movie might still be outside the realm of possibility. If so, Champion has some other directors in mind.

I have several people I think might fit. Edgar Wright is probably my second choice but the pick I think not enough people are talking about are the Soska Sisters. I think they have a formula that would work really well for this.

Image: AMC
Image: AMC

Of course, we couldn't let Champion go without asking about his pick for Cable:

STEVEN LANG BABY!!! No doubt about it, I think he would be awesome.

You can follow on Twitter and Instagram: @filmclubcentral and on Facebook: Film Club Central. You can also hear him discuss the petition on his podcast: The Film Club Movie Show, on iTunes, SoundCloud, and Google Play on October 26th.

The notion of having a high caliber director doing a comic book movie of any kind is exciting, Tarantino doing directing Deadpool 2, even more so. His sensibilities and directorial style match up perfectly; from the over-the-top gore, to the non-linear story telling, this would truly be a match made in nerd heaven. If it works or not, it's well worth the try, so if you would like to sign this petition follow the link: Sign Deadpool 2 petition.

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