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Wow, it's September and that means we have a little over a month until The Flash premieres on The CW! As of now, we're already seeing images of Wally West as Kid Flash, trailers depicting how badly Barry screwed up the timeline, news about how Eddie Thawne was originally going to be Jay Garrick, and plenty more!

DC Comics' The Flash is easily one of the best shows on television, right behind Game of Thrones and Mr. Robot (I'll stand by that), and all eyes are on the upcoming season. A lot of people are wondering about Flashpoint — the event where Barry saved his mom from Eobard Thawneand and disrupts the timeline. It's apocalyptic in the comics — Aquaman and Wonder Woman started World War III and Thomas Wayne is a complete bada** as Batman!

Barry's Parents Alive and Well!
Barry's Parents Alive and Well!

Sadly, we're not going to see anything as drastic as that, and it won't affect the other CW shows all that much either. One show cannot dictate the writers of another show, but hopefully we'll get something more than just subtle nods in the other DC shows on the CW. So, here are the five biggest questions we're having about The Flash Season 3!

1. What Happens When Barry Changes Everything Back?

In the comics (on which you can't really rely too heavily) when Barry went back in time to save to his mom he created The New 52. Basically, he started a whole new timeline (until it was later retconned that Dr. Manhattan was the one behind our heroes losing 10 years of their life).

So what does this mean for the show? I'm not entirely sure, but sadly, the Executive Producers of The Flash announced that Flashpoint will only last for a couple of episodes. So, there must be something consequential for Barry messing with time, but what is it? Would the writers risk Joe and Iris's relationship with Barry? Will Wally maintain his status as a superhero? Will the team come back differently? This is the question that I've been asking quite often: What will be the lasting impact of Flashpoint?

2. Will Barry Find Love?

I re-watched the episode where Patty leaves Barry last night, and it was heartbreaking. I really care about Barry Allen, and I hope that he finds someone. Also, the writers did an excellent job with Iris in Season 2! She went from a stereotypical superhero girlfriend, to someone that wasn't annoying at all. She's smart, fierce and she's a real asset for Team Flash! But do we want to see them together? Honestly, I'm still shipping Patty.

3. The Villains

Will Grodd be imbued with the Speed Force when he returns this season? How awesome would that be? Anyone who's familiar with Flash's New 52 run knows what I'm talking about. Even though it's a bit different, basically, Grodd wants the Speed Force to be the savior of his people (gorillas?). That'd be so freaking amazing. I know what you're thinking: Why does everyone Barry Allen's speed? Because in real life everyone would want his speed!

I know this may be cheating, but I have a gazillion questions about the villains for this upcoming season! Like, are we going to see Citizen Cold in the beginning of the season? Is The Rival really the New 52's Reverse-Flash? It'd be confusing to have two villains with the same name, and it's a nice segue into Savitar and his Speed Cult. Are we going to see Mirror Master's world? What's up with Dr. Alchemy? If you'd like talk about this, then feel free to leave a comment (I'll respond)!

4. How Will Barry Get Faster?

I wrote an article earlier this summer, and Facebook attacked me for suggesting that the New 52's Reverse-Flash should be the main villain of Season 3. Everyone was angry because they didn't want to see another Speedster be the Big Bad for the upcoming season. Well, we all know that the writers have stated that Barry will always be facing a Speedster. So, how will he get faster this year?

Last year he used a Tachyon-Accelerator, and then he took a vay-cay in the Speed Force! Now, I'm sure Cisco will create a suit that will stop whatever Savitar can do; but how fast do you have to be stop a Speed God? I'm clueless. Yet, Tom Felton keeps talking about this love/hate relationship between his character and Barry — could magic be the key to making The Flash faster this year? Honestly, I have no clue!

5. What Version Of Harrison Wells Are We Going To See?

OK, logic dictates that we're actually going to see the real version from Earth-1 this season during Flashpoint, right? That's a pretty safe bet. But I want Earth-2's Wells back in the fold after all the bizarre sh*t that will take place when The Flash tries to set the world right. It would be a waste to have all that character development for Harry, and only see him once or twice a year. He's my favorite character — just bring him back whatever way you can!


I'm sure I left out a few questions, but these are the ones that I can't wait to find out about! There must be ramifications to Barry changing the timeline, and as of now, we have no clue what they're going to be. I can't wait to see all the villains, and to offset all the villainy; I hope Barry falls in love!

Furthermore, we all know that Harrison Wells is phenomenal, and we can almost bet that he's going to help Barry become faster in Season 3. Lastly, I know I haven't really talked about Savitar, but how creepy do you think his cult will be? I'm going with boy-band creepiness.

Why can't we be friends?
Why can't we be friends?

What are your questions heading into Season 3 of The Flash?