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Bad news, Deadpool fans: Director Tim Miller has officially stepped down from directing the sequel to his smash-hit film. Until today, Miller was attached to helm the follow-up that fans have been clamoring for since February and filming was planned for early 2017. It is likely that the schedule will be pushed back a little bit to compensate for the loss, while star and producer Ryan Reynolds and the rest of his crew search for the right director to take up the mantle.

The director will need to have a keen eye for stylistic violence, some experience with visual effects and a knack for nailing snappy dialogue. In my mind there is a very clear choice for the task: Kingsman: The Secret Service and Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn.

Below are four reasons why I believe Vaughn is the best man for the task!

1. His Action Sequences Are Violent Beauties

If you have seen Kingsman or Kick-Ass, you know that if there is one thing Matthew Vaughn does best it's kinetic, brutal action sequences that leave audiences floored. Vaughn is able to juggle complex fight choreography, impressive camera work, seamless editing and visual effects to create real showstoppers time and time again.

With Deadpool 2, Vaughn would have the chance to inject his particular violent flair into a very violent character. In fact, I think there are a lot of similarities between the action set-pieces in Deadpool and those in Vaughn's films. They are highly energetic and fun but still very, very vicious. Take the famous highway shootout scene for example. It has a rhythm and pace to it very similar to the church scene (above) from Kingsman.

2. He Knows His Way Around Snappy Dialogue

The thing that made Deadpool so wildly popular, above all else, was his crackling sense-of-humor. Throughout the film, the only thing that fired more than bullets were the Merc's jokes. The dialogue is quick-paced and witty, never letting a moment of the film get too serious. Matthew Vaughn's films also possess a large amount of wit and tension-relieving humor. While his films often take a dark turn in the third act, the majority of his films are light and fun even while dealing with extreme violence and other adult themes.

3. He's Adapted Comic Books Before (To Great Results)

X-Men First Class (2011)
X-Men First Class (2011)

Not only did Matthew Vaughn adapt Kingsman and Kick-Ass from comic books, he has even adapted the X-Men with the critically and financially successful X-Men: First Class in 2011. When Vaughn directed First Class, he was given the task of repairing a broken franchise following the almost universally-dreaded X-Men: The Last Stand. Not only did he completely rejuvenate the franchise and begin a wildly prosperous trilogy, he paved the way for films like Deadpool to exist in the cinematic universe.

In all of his adaptations, Vaughn has shown a passion and appreciation for the material and has made a real effort to maintain everything that was loved about the source material. A deft hand will be needed if Fox hopes to duplicate the success of Deadpool, and having a director who knows what the fans want and actively delivers just that will be crucial.

4. His Films Have Heart

It's not easy to inject emotion and heart into films full of gore and dark violence, but Matthew Vaughn has done just that time and time again. His films have a way of sneaking up on you in that department. He makes you care deeply about all of the characters, so that when the stakes are raised in the third act it is incredibly effective and affecting.

Deadpool had some heart in it, too, but I think the sequel could use even more. In the first, a great relationship was developed between Wade Wilson and his girlfriend, Vanessa, and a gifted filmmaker like Vaughn could take that aspect of the film to new emotional heights.

Do you think Matthew Vaughn is a good choice to direct Deadpool 2, or do you have someone else in mind? Comment below to let me know!

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