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Emily Browne

#RyanReynolds is without a doubt the biggest prankster in Hollywood. Both in and out of #Deadpool's tight red suit, Reynolds likes to surprise the unsuspecting American public with hijinks at every opportunity, and his recent stint on #Conan was no different.

Reynolds appeared on the talk show to promote, well... many things, it seems, including thinly sliced meat underwear and a wall for dolphins. Another project is his upcoming new movie starring himself and 'Conan McAdams', entitled The Notebook 2 — or as Reynolds puts it:

"That vacation in Tijuana were we split that bottle of absinth [...] well, we fell in love and I filmed it."

We then see Reynolds and 'McAdams,' pouring rain and one certain blue dress. The pair re-enact the famous "I wrote you everyday for a year" scene line for line and then engage in a passionate, grabby, awkwardly-too-long make out sesh.

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Check out the clip below:

If I'm a bird, you're a bird, am I right? Ryan currently has no movies to promote (hence the joke) but did lend his actual, real life Deadpool costume to non-other than #TaylorSwift for Halloween — oh, and revealed the sex of his second child with Blake Lively (Psst — it's a girl, congrats guys!)

Speaking of Blake, it seems Ryan wanted to make sure there were weird feelings following his on-screen smooch by proving his wife with milk and cookies — but I'm sure she wasn't too concerned. Ryan, never stop being awesome.


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