Spider-Man And The Avengers: The Heroes 2015 Deserve

Spider-Man And The Avengers: The Heroes 2015 Deserve

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When it comes to looking forward to what Marvel has to offer, the logical person focuses his or her attentions on Iron Man 3 or Thor: The Dark World, or any of the studio's other exciting upcoming projects. I'm looking toward 2015. I'm not fussed about how Thor will deal with his Dark Elves, how Iron Man will bring down the Mandarin, or how the Guardians of the Galaxy will... guard...the galaxy. What I'm really interested in is WHEN THEY ALL TEAM UP AND FIGHT THANOS! That's right folks, in 2015 a sequel to 2012's most funtacular movie will hit theaters, and when it does shit will get real.

Specifically? Spider-shit. My prediction: Spider-man will appear in The Avengers: Age Of Ultron. I boldly proclaimed that The Avengers would feature more than a Spider-cameo thanks to the ostensibly rock solid evidence of Jenny Agutter shooting her mouth off during production. She revealed the information in what appeared to be a charmingly ignorant fashion: by talking about how nice it was to see all The Avengers trailers on set. Spider-Man apparently had a trailer. The next time texts me with a scoop from the set of her movies, I'll be sure to ignore it. Muchos embarrassment. Thanks Jenny.

However, this time I feel the evidence is far more concrete. Obviously it's not as good as a cast member saying she's spotted the webslinger on set, but it's still good enough to facilitate some lofty expectations. We already know that War Machine will appear in Avengers 2, but aside from the obvious galactic guardians we've had no information from the studio regarding who will stand in the line up.

The first thing that led me to believe that this could become a reality was the seemingly innocent photo of (that's Mr. Spider-Man to you) carrying a seemingly innocent bundle of comics for some seemingly innocent home reading. Except they were Avengers comics. And, coincidences don't happen in Hollywood, only contracts. Where in any other town an actor taking some comics home could mean he plans to spend a lonely evening ignoring his girlfriend (...and who ignores ?), in Hollywood it means marketing or research. This stunt was probably a bit of both. Check out the photo here.

Next up is the glowing review of The Avengers supplied by one Andrew Garfield. It appears the young actor managed to see the movie a little earlier than everyone else and had one question on his lips. Why wasn't he in it? Garfield even requests Nick Fury give him a shout should he need The Avengers to assemble again.

But by far the piece of evidence that gives me the most hope that this fan's fiction could become a reality comes from the highest possible source. Marvel head honcho: . Arad has said Spider-Man CAN and SHOULD join The Avengers in their next skirmish, as it would be profitable for both Sony and Marvel in equal measure. This is by no means a done deal or even an undone deal, but it does at least let us know that the guy with the power has it on his mind.

Finally, despite being unable to link to a source (so you'll have to take my word for it), I recall a deal that almost made it to the screen. Sources say that Sony and Marvel HAD in fact been in talks to feature a spidey-'vengers crossover. Not one that would have fans screaming in delight, but one that might have spelled good news for the future. The word was that Sony were very keen to have their newly built and soon to be iconic Oscorp Tower featured on New York's skyline during the Chitauri invasion. The event never came to pass for whatever reason, but it certainly confirmed more than a few suspicions I had that these studios were not rivals. Not enemies. It became possible that they were friends. Unlike Fox who hold onto the X-Men franchise with a grip ironically similar to Hulk's, Sony has been vocal about their support of The Avengers, their delight at consulting with Marvel on Spider-Man, and their continued attempts to bridge the gap. 2015 could be the year it happens.

Lets face it, this needs to happen, and it probably will. The studios made SO much money with The Avengers, it surpassed all expectations and box office records for a movie of its type. Why was that? Well, it turns out audiences love seeing people they recognize from other movies appear in...other movies. Look at how rejuvenated a franchise by uttering one line in Fast 3. Marvel pulled off a similar trick with The Avengers; the only way to top that is go bigger. I'm not talking about more battles and explosions, I'm talking about including a character that has been in moviegoer's minds a lot longer than any of The Avengers. A character who's inclusion would guarantee box office bigger than Titanic or Avatar, because who doesn't love Spider-Man?

There's only one way to top The Avengers. You know it, I know it, and hopefully Marvel and Sony know it too. Lets make 2015 the greatest year for superheroes ever.

Will Wharton

Will Wharton

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