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It may still feel like galaxies away until Star Wars VIII hits the screens, yet with new details regarding the key players in the universe being revealed all the time, such as whether Rey will get injured or not, or what Supreme Leader Snoke is looking for, there are plenty of things to get excited about.

Yet questions still linger over Finn, the hero of Star Wars VII. Given that he is an able fighter, why does a chance comment into his backstory also reveal he worked in sanitation? This key scene below explains that Finn was regulated to cleaning duties when he admits he has no actual idea how to disable the shields:

Why would someone working in sanitation be sent off to Jakku, it makes no sense. Thankfully redditor Beyondintodarkness has come up with a satisfying theory:

Finn Was A Janitor Before Stormtrooper Training


With the cloning program we first see in Attack Of The Clones being long retired, The First Order now recruit stormtroopers by just kidnapping regular kids and training them up to be ruthless killing machines. As Beyondintodarkness explains:

Unlike the clones Finn has developed psychologically in a fairly normal fashion so even if they accelerated his growth physically it can't be by that much. So, the first order isn't likely training children vigorously until at least mid-late teens but now they have a problem, what to do with them in the meantime.

The solution is simple, put them on scrubbing duty. After all, a ship the size of the Starkiller base needs a lot of maintenance:

"Plenty of time for the First Order to stick Finn on there as a janitor when he was a child or teenager while he waited for training."

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Why This Theory Makes Sense

As anyone who has served in the forces knows, its not all shooting guns and invading other countries. A vast majority of time is spent on base, where its normal for you to do menial tasks such as cleaning toilets and raking leaves, or if you are unfortunate enough, even scrubbing the rain:

It's also important to remember that being a stormtrooper is not a vocation; they are essentially slaves held against their will, so they have to do whatever they are told. Finn was evidently not a fan of sanitation, but he had no choice.

This theory also makes sense for why he rebelled, as he started old enough to avoid intense brainwashing. Also, seeming as Star Wars develops in circles, remember what became of Anakin because he started becoming a Jedi at too old an age? He became this guy:

Seeming as Finn was raised the other way around, his rebellion should turn him into the hero of the trilogy. But what else do we know about Finn:

Finn's Backstory


For those interested more about Finn's backstory should read the prequel novel Before The Awakening. Designated the official name FN-2187, he was praised as one of the finest fighters in the stormtroopers, being in the top percentile for all tests. Sadly, for him, he didn't have any friends, so he didn't have a nickname. His other major flaw was his compassion for others. Always trying to save his fellow troops, he was heavily criticised by his leader Captain Phasma for weakening the group. At the end we see him being given one last chance by his superiors, and he is sent off to Jakku with Kylo Ren. And we all know how that turned out.



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