The Amazing Spider-Man 2 casting: Jim Carrey rumored to play Carnage

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 casting: Jim Carrey rumored to play Carnage

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The latest The Amazing Spider-Man 2 casting rumor comes completely out of left field, but if true could hold clues to the future direction of the franchise. The guys over at Seven Web Heads are claiming that has been spotted on the set of the Spidey sequel and using their powers of deduction believe that he will be playing Carnage in the movie.

So where did this rumor come from?

A message board user over at Superhero Hype revealed that a family member was working on the set of 's movie and had noticed a famous actor working who hasn't been officially announced. Although they refused to reveal his identity, a photo later appeared online of Carrey and a fan on the set of the movie. The photo was taken back in March when the scenes being filmed were set in the Ravencroft Institution, which in Marvel lore is the home for the criminally insane. Putting two and two together and getting speculation, Spidey fansite Seven Web Heads deducted that Carrey is therefore playing Cletus Kasady, an inmate at the institution and the alter-ego of Carnage.

It sounds pretty tenuous to me if I'm being honest and with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 already severely bloated with villains in the form of Electro, Rhino and possibly Green Goblin, you have to wonder if adding another bad guy to the mix is particularly wise or even probable. The only way I could see another villain being included is if this sequel is used to set up Carnage for later installments, perhaps introducing Kasady as an inmate and returning to the character in The Spectacular Spider-Man and beyond.

What's also worth considering is Carrey's recent stance against violence in movies. He's refused to promote his latest film, Kick-Ass 2, due to its high levels of violence, so would he really be interested in playing the role of Carnage, who's a mass-murdering psychopath. Seems unlikely to me.

But as I said, this is all speculation at this juncture, so until we hear something official I would file this rumor under "unlikely."

Over to you. Can you imagine Carrey in the role of Carnage? Is there even space for this character in The Amazing Spider-Man 2? Let me know what you think in the comment section below.


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