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The long-awaited return of our favorite superhero show The Flash is only two weeks away, with Season 3 premiering on October 4. Many fans, including myself, have been anxiously waiting to see how badly Barry altered the timeline in the Season 2 finale. The first two seasons of the series were well received by fans and it appears that the third season won't be slouching in terms of quality either.

While we're waiting for the highly anticipated return of The Flash, fans are getting hyped up for the show one way or another. Some fans are currently re-watching the first two seasons, while others keep following all of the latest updates on the show.

To help the time pass, I've created a quiz to test your knowledge of your favorite speedster's show. Like the title implies, this isn't any normal quiz but a unique one that will really get you thinking. I have conducted a great deal of research and as a result, I have gathered photos of different locations where scenes of The Flash were filmed.

The show is primarily filmed all around the city of Vancouver and it is super odd to see these real locations. Let's see if you're a Flash super-fan — can you can match all these real-life locations with their corresponding fictional location from The Flash? There's a hint at the bottom of each question hidden with a spoiler tag if you're stumped.

Question #1:


Which scene was filmed in this location?

HINT: Testing 1. 2. 3.

Question #2:


What building is this in 'The Flash'?

HINT: Truth. Liberty. JUSTICE.

Question #3:


Which 'The Flash' scene was filmed here?

HINT: That wave though...

Question #4:


Whose house is this in 'The Flash'?

HINT: "Your ability to move at super speed as well as travel in time has been completely depleted."

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Question #5:


What scene from 'The Flash' was filmed here?

HINT: It's ironic that this is an ice skating stadium.

Question #6:


This alley has been used multiple times behind different locations on the show? Which fictional building did NOT have a scene filmed in this alley behind it or near it in 'The Flash'?

HINT: The answer had an alley scene filmed in a different location that took place behind the location in the first episode.

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Question #7:


Barry ran around this corner as we saw the city skyline across the water and then he runs past a sign. What fictional city was on the sign and was representing where Barry was coming from?

HINT: Home of Ferris Airlines.

Question #8:


What scene was shot in this church on 'The Flash'?

HINT: "Where do you think we find this thing? I haven't been in one of these places in a while."

Question #9:


What event from 'The Flash' was filmed here at George Wainborn Park?

HINT: What is the key to answering this question correctly? Ask the Flash because he has it!

Question #10:


What scene in 'The Flash' was filmed here?

HINT: Harry Potter vibes were felt...

The Flash returns October 4, 2016.

How did you guys score on the quiz? Tell me if you want to see more "matching the location" quizzes in the future below!