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Any true fan of The Walking Dead will be quick to advise you not to get too attached to any major character. As quickly as a character may come into the show, they may leave it, trailing a bloody mess behind them.

Over the years the show has shocked us with the sudden departure of many fan favorites, and of course Season 7 is no exception. Given that Season 6 ended on such a massive event, fans were prepared to say goodbye to a beloved character in the opening minutes of the Season 7 premiere. But there's no way that Negan's victims will be the only deaths in Season 7.

Take a look at the ever-growing list of those that have sadly passed through the duration of The Walking Dead Season 7, and be sure to check back regularly as we update the count following each episode of the season.

Gordon - Episode 3

Gordon pleads with Dwight to kill him [AMC]
Gordon pleads with Dwight to kill him [AMC]

After receiving word that a Savior had fled the compound, runaway Gordon was tracked down by Dwight. But despite Dwight's best intention to bring Gordon back to the Saviors compound with him, Gordon's continued pleading with Dwight to end his life were ultimately successful.

Though Gordon's time in the episode was brief, it showed for just a moment that Dwight — who was currently at that point feeding Daryl dog food sandwiches — was actually a better guy than we thought, allowing a broken man to finally be put out of his misery. Gordon, we barely knew you.

Abraham - Episode 1

Abraham faces Negan [AMC]
Abraham faces Negan [AMC]

Abraham had one hell of a ride over Season 6, and came out of it a happier and more well-rounded person after he left some of his demons in the past and ditched Rosita for Sasha (which, admittedly, was rather brutal). However, if there's one thing that every Walking Dead fan knows, it's that the moment a character shows they're at peace with themselves, it means death and sadly that was exactly the case for Abe in the Season 7 premiere.

Abraham almost seemed to bravely put himself forward as the one to be killed when he knelt up straight and looked Negan in the eyes while he picked him victim. When it came time for his death, he chose not to beg for his life but to tell the Big Bad "suck my nuts." What a guy.

Glenn Rhee - Episode 1

Negan kills Glenn [AMC]
Negan kills Glenn [AMC]

Glenn was the hottest of hot picks to die at the hands of Negan, but I doubt too many of us could have predicted how utterly gut wrenching that scene was going to be to watch. Though the events leading up to it were different, Glenn's death itself played out almost exactly the same as the comic series, right down to his eye being dislodged and desperately stuttering out his wife's name.

Glenn leaves an enormous hole in The Walking Dead family, being the first original cast member to be killed off since way back in Season 3. However, as devastating as Glenn's death is, thanks to his and Maggie's unborn child he will live on in at least one small way. We can only keep our fingers crossed no more tragedies befall this little family.

Whose death in The Walking Dead would devastate you the most?