'Thor 2' will have not one, but TWO post-credits scenes

'Thor 2' will have not one, but TWO post-credits scenes

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As all of you are fully aware, one of the staples of every movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the teaser scene at the end after the credits have rolled. Also known as a stinger or a tag, it all started with Iron Man (remember Nick Fury teasing the Avengers Initiative?), and has since been present in all subsequent Marvel movies to date.

Well, obviously Thor: The Dark World would be no exception. Some very privileged eyes have already gazed upon this movie (which premieres in a couple of weeks), and of course, they couldn't help but talk a little bit about the sequel's stinger. Worry not, spoilerphobes: the two internet commenters quoted here were considerate enough not to spoil anything, just tease us a bit with the fact that there will be more than one tag this time:

Saw it today. Can't tell anything before the 24th, but the colors is a clue... Oh, and there's TWO credits scenes. One during, and one after. (sic)

That was a commenter posting on a Joblo article. Regarding the content of these two scenes, another user who had watched the screener responded, in a totally non-revealing way:

Mid - Foreshadowing. End - Shreddies.

So, what do you think? Will the stinger(s) at the end of Thor: The Dark World tease The Avengers: Age Of Ultron, foreshadow something from Thor: Ragnarok or even refer to a new Marvel character? (Here's hoping that it's Dr. Strange.) In any case, we'll soon see our uncertainty settled.

Thor: The Dark World premieres on November 8th.

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