It's the Daenerys Targaryen/Dr. Zoidberg mash-up you've always wanted

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Some good news from the world of awesome: Everyone's favorite Mother of Dragons and favorite kvetching lobster-alien doctor will be giving fans the ultimate slashfic scenario they never knew they wanted: Game of Thrones actress is set to guest star in the final season of Futurama as a potential love interest of Dr. Zoidberg ().

The lovely Clarke is set to play the owner of a flower shop who has no sense of smell, which makes her the perfect match for the aromatically-challenged Dr. Zoidberg (Long-time fans of the show get the running joke that he is often malodorous). However, their relationship is tested when Dr. Zoidberg has the chance to restore his new love's sense of smell, thereby potentially ending their blossoming relationship.

As it looks like this might be really for real the last season of the little show that could, it's no surprise that they're pulling out all the stops on guest stars. Expect to see a few more big names lining up to help the cult-favorite cartoon go out with a bang.

Will Zoidberg do the right thing? We can only wait and wonder until the final season premieres this week on Comedy Central.

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