Armie Hammer was going to be Batman! Find out what went wrong here

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We all know that DC are desperate to grab a handful of superhero ensemble cash by delivering the Justice League Part One movie. Marvel's The Avengers made so much money, could purchase some kind of failed state if he really wanted to, and that's something DC wants to get in on.

It turns out this isn't the first attempt to bring Superman, Batman and co together on the big screen. The Lone Ranger himself, was set to play Bruce Wayne/Batman in Warner Bros.' Justice League: Mortal, a superhero ensemble that was eventually canned mere weeks before going into production. While appearing on The Feed, Armie Hammer goes into some detail as to why the project floundered and what it would have looked like. Check out the interview below:

Now, it seems Armie Hammer may have jumped the DC ship and took up arms with Marvel. Although nothing has been confirmed, there are serious rumors that he could be the star selected to play the titular diminutive superhero in 's Ant-Man. Want some more information on what the Justice League: Mortal film could have looked like? Head over to here to hear a description of Hammer's piston-powered Bat suit.

What do you think? Are you glad Armie Hammer never got the chance to put on the Bat-cowl, or are you disappointed to see Justice League: Mortal scrapped? Give us your opinion below.

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