The 'Pasolini' biopic casts Willem Dafoe as eponymous lead!

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. He's one of the best character actors around. So let's rejoice that he's been cast in 's upcoming Pasolini biopic.

In fact, let's rejoice TENFOLD. I'm juggling my Club Mate as we speak. definitely has the chops to take on the enfant terrible of cinema, a visionary of extreme passion whose addiction to controversy spanned his entire life. Dafoe has garnered a rep for playing characters of a villainous bent (although that gratuitously misses out arguably his most famous role as a heroic Sergeant in Platoon), and I'm sure the ambiguities of Pasolini are a perfect fit. Check his incredibly intense performance in Shadow of a Vampire for evidence of how he can inhibit the most challenging of roles.

So, this casting news embellishes an already-exciting project. Director seems to be addicted to controversial personalities at the moment, with this and his upcoming Dominique-Strauss Kahn film. I personally can't wait to see the angle he goes for with the Pasolini biopic, in particular his murder, of which theories still rage to his day. Giuseppe Pelosi, a 17-year old hustler, was arrested for the crime back in 1975, but reports have suggested it could have instead been the work of extortionists and Pelosi himself, who eventually pled innocence in 2005, has accused a group of Communists. Whatever direction Ferrara goes with this project, it's a story that is ripe for an engrossing cinematic adaptation (in fact, it's one that I'm surprised hasn't received one already!).

And . Nail this and there's an Oscar waiting. Well, at least a nom. If I hadn't made it clear already, I'm in casting nirvana.

What does everyone think to this piece of casting? Has it helped to elevate expectations for the Pasolini biopic? Or is someone else your pick for the iconic role? Get in touch below!


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