Top 5 Justice League Heroes Who Deserve their own Film

Top 5 Justice League Heroes Who Deserve their own Film

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1. Wonder Woman

This one has been all over the place, from Joss Whedon, to the failed pilot, and now Amazon. The reality is that Wonder Woman should make an appearance at the end of Superman v Batman or at least be teased and then further developed with her own movie either before or after a Justice League movie. She is part of DC’s trinity and has not been treated like it as of late. She completes the Superman and Batman team up. Wonder Woman is as much a part of the Justice League as Superman and Batman and she deserves a two hour epic.

If the CW takes Wonder Woman it would bring huge attention to the growing television universe, but it would leave Superman and Batman at a level above the rest. Flash and Wonder Woman should be founding members on par with the World’s Finest, not separated. Another benefit of a Wonder Woman movie would be DC having one of the first full budget heroine solo films (Because Catwoman straight up didn’t count). Wonder Woman needs to be the one to kick down this door and allow the female heroes to shine on their own.

2. Aquaman

Before anyone complains about this choice, or makes a fish joke, play Injustice: Gods Among Us. The producers of that game purposefully set out to make Aquaman both cool and scary. They succeeded and then some! Aquaman has the potential to be a serious threat and or a totally cool hero if taken seriously and written well. His back story is interesting, but could be told easily in one movie and his supporting cast is strong enough for a summer blockbuster. Another reason that Aquaman belongs in cinema is that his powers and general environment demand high quality special effects. A T.V. Aquaman would be at least 90% on land and that would take away from the entire point of the character. We need DC to shell out the big bucks and have the wettest movie since WaterWorld to be made. A well done CGI Atlantis could rival the majesty of Thor’s Asgard and provide DC with its own mythical ties.

3. Martian Manhunter

It has been said that the Martian Manhunter is the “heart and soul of the justice league.” While I believe that statement may be a bit of a stretch I have always felt like J’onn J’onzz has been an underutilized character by the DC universe. His origins on Mars are equally tragic, if not more so, than Superman’s or Batman’s. His powers rival Superman’s and he offers a different personality type from almost any other member of the league. Let me be clear though, while I enjoy the mild mannered peaceful side of the Martian Manhunter in order for a movie to be successful we would have to see the shape-shifting, telekinetic, Martian beast who makes would be criminals wet themselves. Additionally Martian Manhunter falls under similar circumstances with the rest of the list when discussing the special effects necessary to make him, his powers, and his world work effectively.

4. Supergirl

She was teased in Man of Steel! Understanding that the television and movie DC universes are connected, Supergirl still needs to have her own tie in film, even if it does heavily feature her older cousin. The best part about this potential movie is a solid amount of source material with which to connect and introduce Darkseid. Two Kryptonians plus boom tubes and parademons sounds like a blockbuster to me. DC has a lot going for it right now in terms of options. They have a successful start with Man of Steel and are now choosing to immediately put Batman into the mix. This could lead directly into a Justice League film, but if more backdrop is needed why not include Kara Zor-El in Superman 3? Supergirl offers a variety of differences to her older, male, cousin and her character is relatable to a younger female audience, which could be beneficial for DC. Also having a more equal gender ratio could help DC to avoid some of the heat that Marvel has been getting for its Avengers’ cast.

5. Hawkman / Hawkgirl

Hard to imagine, but maybe that is why this works, it would be fresh. First I need to clarify that I am proposing a movie with both heroes, one that tells their connected love story, not a film that features one or the other. The Hawkman from Smallville was a cool character, but he just didn’t look good. They didn’t have the budget to pull it off convincingly and it took away from being able to take him seriously. That is what these two characters are, lovers yes, but serious, no joke, fighters at their core. A film with the two of them together reaching back into their love-torn history would be epic and fun for a range of audiences. It would almost echo the back-story in Hancock. A superhero love story is sometimes present, but rarely the focal point of a movie. Having a broader range of film themes could attract larger audiences to DC movies. The Phase 1 Marvel movies were praised for being so different: techno geek, monster mash, mythological other realms, and World War II all somehow connected and made box office history. The characters that make up the Justice League have the same, if not greater, potential and diversity.

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