Bryan Cranston to play Lex Luthor in Batman vs. Superman?

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Since Warner Bros. debunked those Batman casting assumptions earlier this week, things have been a little quiet on the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Dark Knight casting gossip front. But while all the major speculation has been about which actor will play the Caped Crusader, we have a tidbit concerning who could play Supes' arch nemesis.

According to certain sources, Breaking Bad's , might soon be playing a notorious villain with distinct similarities to Walter White! Just recently, Latino Review's El Mayimbe tweeted some intricate hints that Cranston might be joining the DC Universe as Lex Luthor, hinting that:

El Mayimbe has often nailed these superhero scoops in the past, so we'll see...

Cranston's last movie, Argo, was made by Warner Bros. and the thesp will also star in Warner Bros.' ' Godzilla remake next summer, so he clearly has a strong relationship with the studio.

How do you feel about the possibility of Cranston taking on Lex Luthor for Batman vs. Superman? Should Lex even appear in any of the new Superman movies. I mean, Superman apparently breaks people's necks now, so a person without super powers doesn't stand a chance... Right?

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    The bald part fits well...
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