'Machete Kills' it in new R-rated trailer

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If you are looking for an arthouse Oscar contender, look away. If you're looking for a guns-blazing, eye-popping goresploitation marathon, look to Machete Kills. You either love B-movies or hate 'em, and this one is gonna be the Citizen Kane of B-movies.

Watch the new red band trailer and short clip below.

Machete Kills will spray its crotch-bullets into theaters near you on October 11, 2013. I'm getting to that cinema like a jackrabbit on rollerskates, but how do you feel about it? Will Machete Kills be Killer or Filler?

Jancy Richardson246 people voted
I'm excited about Machete Kills cos it's got...
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    Machine gun boobs
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    Charlie S as president
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    It's a Rodriguez film!
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    Other (list below)
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