T.W.D: What's in store for the second half of season four

T.W.D: What's in store for the second half of season four

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What an explosive and jaw-dropping finale to the first half of season four of The Walking Dead! The last ten minutes of the episode ("Too Far Gone"), in particular, were the best ten minutes an episode of 'T.W.D.' has presented to us this season, in my opinion. It was filled with brutalities, fatalities, thrilling firefights, suspenseful moments, and great visual effects. Many died during "Too Far Gone," most notably the Governor (FINALLY!) and poor Hershel (WHY?!?!). Team Prison scattered and broke up into different groups as they fled the prison, which could turn out to be a recipe for disaster later on. The Governor's group was obliterated, save for Tara and Lilly. The whole situation has become chaotic and nearly unbearable for most of those who survived. So, what is going to happen when 'T.W.D.' returns for the second half of season four?

Here a few good talking points to discuss (SPOILERS ALERT):

1. Will all those who survived find a way to reunite with one another? 

Perhaps. But, it will be very interesting to see how the makers of the show incorporate all the minor groups that formed. Rick and Carl were left to fend for each other. Daryl and Beth fled shortly before the aforementioned two did. Maggie, Sasha, and Stookey left together shortly before the bus containing Glenn and some other former prison members took off. Tyreese was left to protect Mika, Lizzie, and the other kids. And, Michonne left with a smirk on her face after having stabbed the Governor with her patented katana. With no clear place to head to, it looks like the next few episodes will be set out on the road, something that many fans were hoping for. Constant travel in a zombie apocalypse could lead to dangerous situations, and therefore more deaths will probably come.

2. Could anyone run into a wandering Carol?

Personally, I would have loved to have seen Carol show up during "Too Far Gone." Because she did not, however, my curiosity as to her whereabouts has risen. I'm not sure at this point whether we will see her again this season; I hope so, though. If she does reappear, I would be more inclined to predict that either Rick will encounter her, or that Lizzie and Mika will. With Rick beaten badly and nearly choked to death by the Governor, his condition will deteriorate if Carl does not find a way to heal his father's injuries quickly. What if Carol were to be the one who fixes Rick up? Would he accept her back if that happens? 

3. Will a new nemesis be introduced? 

Remember that voice Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, and Bob heard on the car's radio transmission when they were driving to the veterinary college? I wonder if we will hear that voice again offering some sort of safe asylum. And, I wonder if the person transmitting the message is alive and evil. Surely, the show cannot have just the walkers as threats to the survivors for the rest of season four. Man vs. man is a constant theme on 'T.W.D,' and a new bad guy should be introduced. For those who have read the comics, who could the next villain possibly be?

4. Is Judith alive? If so, where is she?

When Rick and Carl encountered a baby car seat, they also discovered that it was stained with blood, which at the time could have meant only one thing - Judith had died. However, I am not convinced that she is indeed dead. Most probably, Judith was taken by either Lizzie or Mika when they ran away with the other kids. 

The Walking Dead will return Sunday, February 9th at 9:00 PM on AMC. Until then, feel free to opine/discuss what you all think will happen next. Write away!

Sergio Andres Prieto

Sergio Andres Prieto

Writer/creator, and student at Florida International University