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Heroes. They devote their lives to justice. They always try to protect innocent people. During the comic book years, many heroes faced frightening danger and they were killed during missions. In 2013 there were some tragic losses of some great heroes. Let's take a look at them now!

Watch out for possible...
Watch out for possible...
Yes! That's what i already wrote!
Yes! That's what i already wrote!
Stop it!
Stop it!

3.Justice League

After the death of JLA, the villains must stop the Syndicate!
After the death of JLA, the villains must stop the Syndicate!

One of the most amazing stories that came out in 2013 was the Trinity War. During this story, three teams: Justice League, Justice League of America, and Justice League Dark, tried to discover the secret of Pandora. During multiple fights between the members of each team, the JLA heroes find themselves fighting the Crime Syndicate of America. And rather than give readers who’d been following along a proper ending, readers got a “To be continued in Forever Evil” tag. 

After reading the Forever Evil first stories, we learn that the Syndicate has killed the Justice League and they have taken over the world, allying themselves with the Secret Society. Now, it's up to Lex Luthor and his team along with Batman (who yes, survived, because duh, he is Batman) to stop them. Well, the JLA is still alive, but overall the story, the action and the plot are great. It is very interesting reading about a world without heroes, which is ruled by villains. And while the heroes aren't really dead, the suspense about their real fate is something that will leave you with your mouth open. 


Peter Parker and Doc Ock changed bodies and minds, during an attempt of the last one to cheat death. So Peter Parker took the place of his enemy and died in his place.

However, I'm not writing about this event. Peter Parker theoretically died a SECOND time. Although his mind was put in Doc Ock's body, some of his memories remained to his body and were communicating with Otto. The two had an epic showdown inside the head of Peter Parker, and Ock won! He vanquished the remaining Peter and now he has completely control over the body.

So, Peter Parker died for a 2nd freakin time. Or didn't he? Well, according to Marvel, Peter is going to return! It is not uncommon for comic book characters to return from the grave.

1.Damian Wayne/Robin

The most tragic death in recent comic book history alongside Spider-Man's. Damian Wayne was the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul. A trained and skilled fighter, young Damian later adopted the role of Robin. Damian recently died by an adult clone of him, the Heretic, during an invasion in Wayne Towers. 

That was just sad. Damian was an excellent choice for Batman's sidekick in future adventures. As a character, although he is kind of short-lived comparative to the other Robins, he became much popular. His creator, Grant Morrison, revealed that he was planning to kill the character from the beginning.

But was that truly the end of our favorite robin? Don't forget about the Lazarus Pits, which were used by his grand-dad to keep him alive for many years. There is a possibility of seeing him again.

So, what is your opinion about the superhero deaths in this year (that sounded kind of creepy...)? Which was the most dramatic death for you? Write your answers down bellow! Also, who is your favorite Robin? You forgot to give me something for Christmas? It's never too late! Click the "Follow" button and help me continue my work! See you next time, comic book junkies!

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    Poor Damian! He didn't deserve it!
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    Justice League! Forever Evil forever!
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