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Okay, so it sounds like the world of AMC's The Walking Dead will have 99 problems, and Negan will most certainly be one.

At least, that is according to 'TWD' creator, Robert Kirkman. In an interview with MTV News, he said this about the infamous villain from the comics:

But I wouldn't expect Negan too terribly soon, although he is definitely in the plan. It's a 99% lock that he's going to be in the show eventually, so be on the lookout for that.

Be on the lookout for Negan's debut in the show I will definitely do! I have yet to read the comics, to my dismay. However, I have friends who have read them up to the current issue, and they all are very informed on just who this Negan guy is. All of them are in agreement: Negan is precisely a thousand times worse than Philip (a.k.a. the Governor). If that is indeed the case, then I can understand why the character making the transition from the comics to the television series is a "99% lock" so far, rather than a 100% lock.

Based on what my fellow 'TWD'-viewing friends have shared with me, Negan does excruciatingly painful things to people. He happens to have a pal in the form of a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire; the bat even has a name - Lucille. Upon my request, my friends have not revealed too much. The few things they have shared with me, though, have made me cringe a bit. But, it got me wondering, how much of that violence can/will be shown in the show?

Obviously, showrunner Scott Gimple and the rest of the show's makers have proven to us that they are practically fearless when it comes to making the zombie apocalyptic world as believable and barbaric as possible. The two best, most concise examples I can give are: (1) the killings that occurred during "The Grove" - Lizzie stabbing and killing her sister, Mika; Carol shooting Lizzie in the head, and (2) the scene from the season four finale ("A") in which Dan (now-deceased former member of Joe's group) was harassing Carl, and was about to do much worse. The fact that the show's makers are not afraid of portraying kids committing violent acts, and/or portraying them as the victim of a violent act, demonstrates that the limits to what can be displayed in the show are seemingly indefinite.

As a result, the idea of bringing Negan to the show was one I am sure Kirkman, Gimple and the rest of the crew discussed at length for a long time. On one hand, fans of the show who have also read the comics most probably will be excited to see the murderous, sadistic, villainous Negan in the show. On the other hand, will Negan from the show be as sadistic and as violent as Negan from the comics? Will the show's makers have to tone him down a bit to meet AMC's standards (if the network even has any major ones)?

Of course, this all falls under the assumption that the character will make his TV debut at some point. As Kirkman stated, it is a "99% lock." So, it is perhaps safe to make the aforementioned assumption.

Lastly, If/when Rick and his group escape Gareth and the rest of Terminus, they will most likely be out on the road again searching for a safer place to live in. I am inclined to predict that will happen during the latter portion of the second half of season five. By then, the show would be in need of a new major antagonist. Would this be the right time to introduce Negan? Or, should he be introduced at the start of a brand new season? Personally, I would not mind him appearing earlier, just so he can provide us viewers with more to look forward to, if there is a season six (which will almost undoubtedly happen).

So, there you have an interesting tidbit of information that will surely have you all speculating as the wait for season five of The Walking Dead continues. Don't forget that the new season debuts in October. That's STILL six months away!

Anyway, let me know in the comments section below what you all think of Negan, and how he could contribute to the show. And, without giving away too many spoilers, when do you all think Negan will show up (if he shows up)?


Negan in the show would be...

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