Mark Hamill to announce a CORVETTE SUMMER sequel in England? 

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After meeting with Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, J.J. Abrams and an assortment of young actors in England for the upcoming STAR WARS EPISODE VII, it's been unreliably rumored that actor Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker in the 1977 science-fiction classic followed by two amazing sequels, slipped off to the nearby working class district of Burmingham to connect with CORVETTE SUMMER alumni Annie Potts and Danny Bonaduce...

CORVETTE SUMMER, the first movie Hamill appeared in following STAR WARS, breezily hit theaters in 1978. Combining drive-in style exploitation with a mainstream car fanatic adventure, SUMMER has gained a faithful cult following, and now fans of that masterpiece may finally have their wish...

This secret get-together of Hamill, Potts and Bonaduce, unlike the STAR WARS event held only a few hours earlier... and providing a chance for Hamill to actually headline as opposed to making what will probably be, in the case of the new STAR WARS, a mere cameo... garnered no newsworthy attention or concern by any cinema media outlets, and you heard it hear first, folks...

Even though... along with Harrison Ford's request to possibly appear in FORCE 11 FROM NAVARONE with Carl Weathers, and Carrie Fisher's desire to revive Chevy Chase's career with UNDER THE RAINBOW PART DEUX... this could all be a dream.

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