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FANGIRL DOWN! Lionsgate premiered the second official teaser trailer for the first installment of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 and, well, we just regained consciousness...and we could use a hug.

Titled Unity, the whole of Panem was ordered by law to view the second of President Snow's addresses to the country (otherwise know as propaganda) in which he urged citizens to bind together. That only unity could protect the country from the dangers of the rebel forces that seek to destroy the fragile structure that had been built from Panem's war torn ashes. it doesn't take long to see this broadcast isn;t going as planned. District 13 has hacked into the Capitol's system, they have just launched their first airtime assault to counteract the propaganda from The Capitol, and Beetee (Jeffery Wright) has a very important message to share. THE MOCKINGJAY LIVES!

No, I'm not crying. Hysterically.

Jennifer Lawrence

For me Unity was THE BEST Hunger Games trailer out of all the teasers and trailers since The Hunger Games promotion campaign started in 2011. This teaser sent my emotions ALL OVER THE PLACE! Lionsgate is doing it right this time, bringing back the viral entity that was so strong for them in promoting the first film. The first address showing a cold and blank faced Peeta ripped our hearts out, was he in pain? Was he ok? Is he betraying Katniss? They are bringing us into the world of Panem and it's Districts, making us a part of it.

Using the books as their playbook, Lionsgate pins us as Panem, and they are the Capitol. As required by law ( and the laws of Fandom's) we watch President Snow's addresses, waiting and hoping from word from our Mockingjay and the not so demolished District 13, and we got it!

The rebels interruption into the Capitol's broadcast was perfect, and delivered by Beetee with such a fierce yet subtle urgency, if you did not get goosebumps all over your body you are alone my friend. I may or may not have cried when he uttered the words with unwavering strength "The Mockingjay lives." I felt hope, I felt sadness, I just had too many feels to write into this post! The only thing that will top this teaser is the Mockingjay herself, which if Lionsgate continues in this direction, I have no doubt we will be seeing Katniss soon as the next "guest appearance" in one of President Snow's future addresses. *Three Finger Salute* Katniss, we are with you. Peeta, come back to us. Snow, we are on to you.

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Check out my 5 favorite emotional up and down moments from the Mockingjay: Part 1 teaser #2 Unity

1. Johanna FREAKING Mason!

Jena Malone KILLED it as District 7's victor in Catching Fire, and to hear she had been kidnapped by the Capitol with Peeta, we had no clue if she was dead or alive. She risked her life for Katniss and Panem, and seeing her signature scowl at the right hand of Snow was HEART WRENCHING! All we can hold onto now is that we know she is alive.


2. Peeta shaking his head "No"

ever so subtly you have to really watch to see it but OH MY GOD, I DIE! Snow spits his propaganda to the camera while Peeta looks into the camera with a different longing in his eyes that are somehow sadder than they were before. He moves his head ever so slightly and I can't figure out if he is trying to tell Panem not to believe Snow or if his poor hijacked mind is trying to come back to him. Ok, I'm done with this one. I am crying now.

Noooo Peeeeta

3. We have audio but no visuals

WAIT, WHAT? Who is that? Why is the camera messing up?! What is it? Who? Wait, what's going on? It's the rebels! It's District 13! It has to be! Is everyone all right? Is Gale there? Where is Prim? KATNISS?! KATNISS IS THAT YOU?! Those were the thoughts screaming through my head as District 13 began to crack into the Capitol's broadcast. I'm sure you felt the same way. Yes!


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His face starts to become clearer into the camera! Of course he would be the one to figure out how to do this! Beetee just hacked into the Capitol! Brilliant! We are listening Beetee!



I can't feel my body. I am numb. Rewind, watch again..."The Mockingjay lives". I have no words to say about this at all. Mostly because I am crying while trying to hold up my three finger salute and not pass out. The Mockingjay lives, Panem. The Mockingjay lives, President Snow. KATNISS IS ALIVE, PEETA! Don't lose hope Districts! The Mockingjay is with you! (insert Rue's whistle)

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Safe to say, tributes, Mockingjay: Part 1 is going to be the most epic and biggest movie of 2014. I am calling it.

We salute you

Time to watch it again:

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