Daniel-Day Lewis Still Looking the Part: Lincoln Poster

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Ever so slowly we’re nearing the moment, when a Lincoln trailer should us exactly how awesome Daniel Day-Lewis will be in the part of the 16th president of the United States.

Until then, we've already got the first still of the two time Academy Award winner very much looking the part, and now this clean, classy black & white poster, which again showcases the actor’s incredible likeliness to Lincoln.

Perhaps even more interesting— considering the huge amount of acting talent involved— is the order in which the cast is listed on it. You got Day-Lewis himself, of course, then Sally Field, playing his wife, followed by David Strathairn as Secretary of State and close friend of the President, William Seward. The next three actors listed are Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Lincoln’s son, James Spader as a one of the President's poltical operatives and Hal Holbrook as the patriarch of the influential Blair family. Last but not least there is Tommy Lee Jones, playing the powerful progressive Congressman Thaddeus Stevens, with that elusive 'and' before his listing.

If you would guess the actor’s role size from this order, you would have a strong focus on Lincoln’s personal life, as the actors playing his wife and son feature prominently (of course one also has take the actor’s fame into account). It also seems likely that David Strathairn, one of our best actors, plays the largest male supporting role, which is a fantastic thing, because the character of Seward is a fascinating one. Strathairn should hit this one right out of the park!

Which leaves us guessing that the roles of Jared Harris (Mad Men), playing Ulysses S. Grant, John Hawkes () and Walton Goggins (The Shield) are smaller and hence less important.

But all this is just idle guessing to pass the time waiting for a trailer!