Steven Spielberg's 'Lincoln' Gets Teaser-Trailered

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One of the more annoying movie marketing trends of our times is the 'trailer for the trailer'. This excitement-generating ruse (as if...) is mostly employed for the next The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 trailer or some superhero flick.

In this sense, it says something of how anticipated Steven Spielberg’s (hopefully) epic Lincoln biopic is. We have been craving even the tiniest speck of footage!

Sadly, this is exactly what we're getting here. We still don’t hear Daniel Day-Lewis presidential voice or even any of those of the more-known acting heavyweights in the film. If you're wondering who it is we are hearing reading the Gettysburg Address: The actor's name is David Oyelowo, who was fastastic in the incredibly cheesy .

Oyelowo's part shouldn't be too big, but he's in an emotional and apparently key scene in the biopic— or so it seems after those mere 40 seconds.

The real Lincoln trailer is scheduled to debut Thursday, September 13.

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