'The Wolverine' Gives Us A First Look At Viper And Silver Samurai

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After an origin film that left many comic book fans more than a little disappointed it looks like we might finally have the real thing in The Wolverine. We've got an authentic cast of Japanese actors in the Japanese roles, a story based on a series of Frank Miller comics and of course, a completely shredded Hugh Jackman— what's not to love? There will be a quite a fearsome roster of villains for Logan to deal with, including a Yakuza crime family, Ukrainian babe Svetlana Khodchenkova's Viper and The Silver Samurai. A couple of weeks back we gave you a glimpse of Logan and one of the important women in his life, the ninja Yukio, but now it's the baddies' time to shine in a set of new photos from on set.

First off, let's have a look a deadly assassin and frequent foe of Captain America, the X-Men and just about anyone good in the Marvel universe: Viper.

These shots from Russian fansite Hughjackmania show Khodchenkova looking a little different from the Viper of the comics, but she still has an air of danger and a hell of a lot of refined sex appeal. Next up we've got the Silver Samurai — with and without armor — thanks to some sneaky snaps from Comic Book Movie:

We know, we know — a shot of the samurai from the front would've been better but we'll make do with what we're given. Judging from these pics we'd say that Wolverine has got his work cut out for him come the film's July 26th release date.