Tyler Perry's 'Alex Cross' Already Gets A Sequel

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I hope you're sitting down for this one, because a sequel to the already poorly received Alex Cross, yet another adaptation of James Patterson's crime-thriller novels starring Tyler Perry and a super-shredded Matthew Fox, is apparently in the works.

Wait a minute...The current film, out only a day, has a 15% Rotten Tomatoes rating, and came with horrible buzz, and they've greenlit a sequel?

According to Deadline, Perry (below) and Patterson are reportedly in the final stages of sealing a deal for the planned sequel, Double Cross. Another adaptation from Patterson's series, this would return Perry to the title role of DC detective, faced with yet another serial killing spree, and torment at the hands of former partner Kyle Craig.

Perry, one of the most highly paid and successful men in Hollywood, brings a huge fanbase to the series; perhaps enough so for an insta-sequel. Either that, or the folks at Lionsgate are on some variety of drugs. I'm betting on them hoping for a combination of cross-over appeal (pun wholly intended) from fans of Patterson's novels, and lovers of all things Tyler Perry closing the gap and helping them turn a profit. Personally, I'm repulsed to see Perry attempt to fill the shoes of Morgan Freeman, who played Cross in 1997's Kiss the Girls, and 2001's Along Came A Spider.

Viewing the latest TV spot, Alex Cross doesn't look terribly awful, but it does illustrate, to me, that Perry is not an actor of talent. Taking note of Madea's Family Reunion, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, I Can Do Bad All By Myself, and the rest of that series, it's clear he's not much of a director either. Perry seems like a cookie cutter filmmaker with an audience that loves below average cookies.

As Double Cross is still in the very early planning stages, we're not sure exactly how Perry will approach the next film, but with ratings like Alex Cross has received thus far, we're not sure we see the point in rubbing salt in the wound.