Kick-Ass Meets the Colonel on Official Still From 'Kick-Ass 2 '

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If you’re not a fan of Mr. Popper’s Penguins – and you really shouldn’t be – you are probably longing for another great Jim Carrey performance for some time. This is true even more so since his last outing, the full-on portrayal of a gay white-collar criminal in love in I Love You Philip Morris wasn't widely seen when the film was released in 2009.

2013 should change this unfortunate fact with a bang and lots of gore, as the world’s unlikeliest vigilante Kick-Ass is set to make his return to clumsily expurgate cinema screens from evil.

In Kick-Ass 2 the title character gets support from an array of other mildly inept superheroes upholding the law. Jim Carrey plays the Colonel of Stars and Stripes, leader of this group of hobby vigilantes. It’s not the biggest role in the source material that is Mark Millar’s graphic novel, but it's a flashy one which should give Jim Carrey ample opportunity to chew the scenery and then some.

In that vein, feast your eyes on this official still, which not only showcases Kick-Ass and The Colonel meeting but also the return of one Jim Carrey, awesome actor extraordinaire.

With this first official still, a trailer can't be too far off. Make sure stay on top of things and Kick-Ass 2!