See How Two-Face Could Have Looked With This Dark Knight Concept Art

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Although he might have been slightly overshadowed by Heath Ledger's brilliant portrayal of the Joker, Aaron Eckhart certainly turned a few heads once he had become the deformed Two-Face. After trawling through the internet, some guy over at Comic Book Movie came across the portfolio of conceptual artist/matte painter Olivier Pron. As well as some concept art for his other projects, they also stumbled across some variations of Harvey Dent's scarred face from The Dark Knight. Check them out below:

What do you think? I actually can't decide. I think these variations are a little more subtle (well, as subtle as having half your face burnt off can be). However, the final look Christopher Nolan settled on certainly appears more villainous and twisted. Do you disagree? Well make sure to let us know below.