New 'Bling Ring' images show Emma Watson with Taissa Farmiga, Paris Hilton, Sofia Coppola, and Leslie Mann

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We've already seen the teaser for Sofia Coppola's The Bling Ring, a frantic look at the 2008 burglaries that took place at the homes of Orlando Bloom, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton. Luckily, life imitates art in the new behind-the-scenes stills from the film with real-life victim Hilton hanging out with the cast:

Here's another behind-the-scenes still of the director and cast -- including Emma Watson and Taissa Farmiga -- holding Paris pillows:

Finally, we get a look at Leslie Mann who plays Emma and Taissa's Mom, based on former Playboy model Andrea Arlington-Dunn. See the resemblance below!

And just for good measure, here's one more look at Watson with some new (fake) ink:

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