The Unanswered Questions of 'The Dark Knight Rises'

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contrI can totally, and sadly, accept the fact that a new Christopher Nolan Batman movie will not come out. He has stated that, The Dark Knight Rises is specifically and definitely the end of the Batman story as I wanted to tell it." But what if a sequel happened to be made?

There were be many questions left unanswered at the end of The Dark Knight Rises that over half of the sequel would have to solve, but would most likely forget. Questions like...

Who will train Blake?

Bruce Wayne became Batman through years of training under the instruction of martial arts expert Ra's al Ghul. Blake most likely has the martial arts abilities taught in the curriculum of a standard city officer's training, which is the equivalent of a week-long self-defence class. This severe lack of training means that Blake will pretty much get his ass handed to him when he meets any future Gotham villains, even the shitty Penny Plunderer could take him down.

To make the next movie plausible, they must, again, have Batman disappear for many years so he can train and learn how to use all of the gadgets Bruce left behind. Too bad the League of Shadows is destroyed... Whether or not Blake has the physical and mental capacity to handle all of that, since Bruce was basically a genius, we will have to see.

Where will the new Batman get his money?

Bruce Wayne made Batman by using his parents' billions of dollars and empire with unlimited resources. Blake has none of that. He has what Bruce left him: the Batcave with a suit and gadgets, and... that's it. When Batman needed new equipment, he went to Lucius Fox to create it; Fox has no idea that anybody is planning on donning the cowl and will most likely close down the Applied Science wing of Wayne Enterprise.

"Wait... Blake who?"

What new challenges will the villain bring?

Any villain they choose has to be a step up from the first three (or four counting Scarecrow) and present a new challenge for Blake, otherwise they will just be repeating the trilogy's challenges. Batman Begins causes Bruce to face a mental and spiritual decision, which involves saving Ra's al Ghul, the man who gave him the knowledge and skills to become Batman, or to let him die. The Dark Knight pushes Bruce to his psychological breaking point. He must determine how far he will go in order to stop The Joker from destroying Gotham. Finally, Bane in The Dark Knight Rises shows Bruce how weak he has become. This movie challenges his physical strength to beat Bane.

How will the sequel keep the series fresh? Perhaps they could bring in Harley Quinn to continue off of the wildly successful run with The Joker. Her goal may be focused purely on causing Blake to mentally break down, possibly abandoning Batman. Yes, it may be similar to The Joker's plan, but introducing a female lead with vicious plans directed only at Batman could put an interesting spin on things, mainly because there would be no ulterior motives.

We can all hope to see her in the next movie.

What about the secret elevator in Wayne Manor?

Now that Wayne Manor has been rebuilt and donated to the orphanage, that place is going to be filled with children and staff all the time. In their time of being there, isn't it extremely likely that they will stumble upon the elevator that leads to the Batcave? Once they find that, well, Batman's identity is revealed. That's when the kids ruin Bruce's cover and expose it to the whole world.

Why does nobody recognize Bruce?

One more quick point: won't people recognize Bruce? One of the world's most famous and powerful people disappears and nobody does anything about it... so, did they just forget about that? Not only do the police do nothing about his disappearance, they are banking on the idea that Bruce goes unnoticed for the rest of his life. That's like telling Ryan Gosling to disappear into a crowd of women.

"Hey, just try to blend in with the normal people."

Oh, the actual last point; could Joseph Gordon-Levitt really pull off the famous Christian Bale Batman voice?