Consider this Sh*t: Spring Breakers Oscar campaign is on

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Besides being an artist, poet, director and firefighter (I am just throwing that last one in, presuming the announcement is coming soon), James Franco is, of course, primarily an Oscar nominated (for his performance in 127 Hours) actor.

And whatever you might think of the movie as a whole, Spring Breakers certainly features one of Franco's most... inspired performances as gangsta rapper Alien.

Therefore it makes sense that distributor A24 is mounting a full-blown Oscar campaign for the performance. It might not be a a particularly promising Oscar campaign but weirder things have happened. Hell, Pat Morita was nominated for The Karate Kid ("Man who catch fly with chopstick accomplish anything.").

As the dark satire isn't excactly your typical Oscar fare, it also makes sense that the campaign isn't especially Oscar-y either.

Therefore the Academy might very well do what is asked from them and "Consider this s*hit." Franco certainly deserves it.