4 Villains who would fit perfectly into The Amazing Spider-Man franchise

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In my opinion, Andrew Garfield has captured the true nature of the Peter Parker character better than Tobey Maguire ever did. And I’m wondering how Dane DeHaan will fair against James Franco as Harry Osborn. But I think that there shouldn’t be anymore contests because that draws away from the plot and the core of the movie. That’s what I like about having only Lizard, Electro, and Rhino in the mix so far. So I don’t think that any villains from the original Maguire films should be included in the reboot... except, of course, for the Green Goblin. So leave out Doc Oc, Sandman, New Goblin, even Venom, and substitute them for these guys:

1) Chameleon

I think that the Chameleon would be an incredible character to work with and see portrayed in a movie. There’s a good backstory with this character; Dmitri Smerdyakov, half-brother of Sergei Kravinoff, or Kraven The Hunter, never showed his true face. He always impersonated his neighbors and friends to gain love and sympathy from his family, instead of just hatred. Finally, he caught the attention of the communist governments who employed him as a super spy. While on missions for these agencies, he runs into Spider-Man and that begins our adventure. Of course, a movie with Chameleon, in most likelihood would include his half brother Sergei...

2) Kraven The Hunter

Sergei had an interesting relationship with his brother. He was just as abusive toward him as his parents were, and never liked him for who he was, but after becoming the number one hunter in the world, he followed in his brother’s footsteps. His new trophy had become clear to him... It would be Spider-Man’s head. A man driven mad by a deranged sense of honor, Kraven would be a very interesting character to see on screen.

3) Mysterio

Now, now, I know what you're thinking. But, Mysterio’s a badass! Quentin Beck was just a man who worked in the cgi/special effects department for big blockbusters and he just wanted some attention. So, when a friend jokingly suggested that he kill a costumed hero, Quentin thought that that would do just the trick. Enter Mysterio! Let’s give the guy some attention, huh? How about The Amazing Spider-Man 3?

4) Green Goblin

The only one who I’m gonna let break my “no Maguire villains” rule. And though most of you know why, I’m gonna tell you anyway! Green Goblin killed Gwen Stacy. That’s it. Period. End of sentence.

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