Amazing: Voice actors dressed as their characters!

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The internet's like a husband who's perfect for you, but you've started to take for granted. You're like yeah internet, I've heard that story about your dad a HUNDRED times before. Take the trash out?! But it's your turn!

And then the internet does something so amazing and swoony that you bring it breakfast in bed cos you've remembered how, actually, you adore it and maybe you will have that second child together after all rather than lusting after the guy who makes your frappucinos.

So what's the amazing thing, pray tell? The wonderful Geek Tyrant have compiled a collection of photos of voice actors dressed as their characters. I've listed a few of the best examples below!

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs Bill Hader as Flint Anna Faris as Sam Sparks Andy Samberg as Brent McHale Terry Crews as Earl Devereaux

Wreck-It Ralph Jane Lynch as Sgt Calhoun from the game Hero's Duty.


Will Ferrell as the titular character at Comic Con.

Despicable Me

Have you ever seen anything better than Steve Carell both dressed as, and using Gru's voice?

Which is your favorite? Let me know below.